White wine.

White wines Sauvignon Blanc

Wines Sauvignon Blanc is not as popular as chardonnay, but now they have come to appreciate more and more: this grape turns crisp, bright and refreshing drink.Specific notes Sauvignon Blanc - a gooseberry and currant leaves, asparagus and freshly cut grass, citrus and exotic fruits.Maintain this wine as Chardonnay in oak barrels, and then it takes on the flavor of vanilla, honey and ripe pears.

France produces several types of wine: as pure and blended, relaxed - in such cases the grape variety mix.Austria, New Zealand and California are doing well here - Sauvignon Blanc wines they produce are considered excellent.

White Wine Riesling

Riesling - the pride of Germany, although the climate is not quite "grape", this hardy and frost-resistant varieties tolerate it well.However, demanding to soils Riesling: if he does not like the soil, the wine will expressionless and tasteless.

Rhine and Mosel Rieslings - made from grapes grown on the banks of the Rhine and Moselle rive

rs - considered the best.They may be thin, with a small amount of alcohol - such wines have a flavor of flowers, lemon and green apples;or filling and sweet, with hints of honey, orange and toasted bread.

French Rieslings a strong and sweet, and the Austrian differ rich aroma, but in general, these wines can be stored for a long time and only get better - and correspondingly increased the price.Now such grapes are grown in the countries of the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, but thence wine inferior to European taste and aroma.

There are other varieties of white wines, it is worth mentioning that, although they are not spread so widely.This Muscat, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Viognier - a rare and capricious variety, as well as the German Gewurztraminer - Wine of these varieties are obtained fragrant and aromatic, with hints of spice and original bouquet, but we know little about them.

Use white wine

White wine

Use white wine has long proved , but you can only get it when it is used correctly.There are many vitamins, minerals, organic acids and essential oils;It improves metabolism, reduces the level of "harmful" cholesterol, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves heart function and protects it from disease.This wine has long been used in infectious diseases, poisoning, pneumonia and tuberculosis, it was added to the water to kill parasites and bacteria - have done so in ancient Greece.

useful white wine for the stomach and intestines : it destroys disease-causing microbes, normalize the acidity of gastric juices, improves appetite.

interesting fact is that the antioxidants in it is smaller than in wine red, but the body is easier to assimilate them, and the fact that the grape juice has not all the trace elements, which appear in white wine - so do not get himrefuse.Even older people must be a white wine: its use prevents the development of cataracts, Alzheimer's disease, has a positive effect on the condition of the brain vessels, it improves the processes of memory, thinking and perception.

What should drink white wine

wine you can drink just like that, but we are used to match any wines with appetizers - what should be combined with white wine ?Most people remember that it is fed to the fish, and this is the right option, but not the only one.By the way, pickled fish and herring in any way with the white wines are not combined, but the rest of them fish dishes are tastier and more interesting, and assimilated much better.

Besides fish with white wine good game and poultry - they should stew with sweet and sour sauce, apples or vegetables.Suitable for white wines and pies and all kinds of cheeses.

The food does not seem to be too broad, but it refers to the savory white wines - dry and semi-dry.

Semi-sweet wines go well with different dishes from vegetables and seafood: crabs, shrimp, mussels and others. Wines Sauvignon Blanc, which are mentioned above, can be served with seafood and fish - experts believe it is the best option.

Sweet white wines are served with desserts, drink them with fruit, non-sharp cheeses, chocolate snack, sweet pastries and even crackers.

White wine feeding should not be too cold or warm: dry white wine must be cooled to 14-12 ° C, and the sweet - to 8-6 ° C.Bottles of white wines should be stored at a temperature of 10-12 ° C, in the supine position - inside the tube should be kept moist.

Contraindications white wine

Excessive use of white wine, as well as any alcohol, you can not - it will transform it from a useful drink poison: can disrupt the heart, gastrointestinal tract and liver, begin to break down brain cells and cause mental illness.The amount of wine that you can drink depends on many factors: age, gender, health and well-being.Many experts say that 100 grams each day will not hurt, and when fatigue or stress can drink up to 0.5 liters, but it is better to adhere to the generally accepted norms of optimal - 1-2 glasses per week.White wine contraindicated in pregnant and nursing women, people with coronary artery disease, severe depression, hypertension and pancreatitis.

may be useful and it is only now red wine : not pasteurized, without preservatives and other additives.It is worth it is more expensive and still not worth saving: cheap red wines do not have useful properties.