Eggshell: structure, benefits, and how to take what

How to make eggshells

Those who decide to take the egg shell, as a preventive agent, it is worth to do it 2 times a year courses of 2-3 weeks, usually 1 tspin a day;Women should also be taken of her during pregnancy and breastfeeding.Children under 6 years of giving, mixing in a certain amount of powder (1.5-3 g) food - for example, in cereal or cottage cheese for breakfast - it prevents rickets, anemia and other diseases.

How to cook an egg shell powder

Prepare a powder from the shell is easy, but is necessary to properly process it.Use only fresh eggs.Eggs should be washed as follows in warm water with soap and water, pour the contents of it, and the shell rinse well and boil for 5 minutes.You can use the shell of boiled eggs, but the effect of its application will be weaker.Boiled shells must be carefully dried for several hours to remove the thin film and grind to a fine powder in a mortar.

Belgian experts believe that the curative effect has only a shell of raw eggs, but there is a serious r

isk of contracting salmonellosis, but the damage from the disease is many times greater than the benefit from the use of the shell.To ensure the security tools you need to take home an egg, knowing that the chickens are absolutely healthy.Egg wash the brush in warm water with soap, and then the shell is soaked for 30 minutes in a solution of baking soda - 1 teaspoona glass of water.Wash soda hot boiling water, the film is removed, and the shell is dried, either in a warm oven, or in a pan at 50 ° C, but can be at room temperature, and - within a few days.Ready powder can be stored in a tightly closed glass jar in a dark, dry place.

What diseases can be treated eggshell

can significantly accelerate the healing of bone fractures when, if 3 times a day, take 1 tsppowder from the shell.The powder should be stirred into a glass of tea or plain water, and all the drink, until he sank to the bottom;children under 14 years old enough to drink this tea two times a day.Continue until the bone is not completely srastetsya.

In osteoporosis treatments should be carried out regularly every year courses of 3-4 weeks.Every day, 10-20 minutes after dinner, take 1/2 tsppowder, washed down with milk, yogurt or juice.You can mix the powder with salt, 1: 2, and the resulting mixture to salt the food after cooking - a day can be consumed up to 1 tspmixture.


heartburn usually take soda, but the eggshell does more good, and the effect of its application lasts longer.If you experience heartburn 2.5 tsppowder carefully stir in the milk (1-1 / 2 cup) and drink.To completely get rid of heartburn, you have to take it every day for 6-8 months - a course parallel to help ease other underlying disease.

can take a powder and pain in the stomach: 10 days to 1 tsptimes a day before meals - an effect similar to the effect of antacids.In this case, you need to shell roast thoroughly, until it is slightly yellowish.

In many people's recipes referred to as lemon juice, but it is not necessary to add to the powder - fine calcium absorbed by the body and without it.However, there is a recipe in which the juice is required - because some people and decided that it should be added, in any case.Fresh lemon juice is mixed with the powder in the treatment of diathesis in children - 1/4 tspmixed with 1 tbspjuice, then with cooled boiled water 1: 1, and give the child after eating.Continue treatment for 1-3 months - the effect is very stable, and subsequently shown not to be a diathesis, even with the use of those products, which have always called it.Young children (from 6 months to a year) gives a little powder on the tip of a knife.

If possible, it is best to use a shell of quail eggs - it is somewhat useful, but get out of it harder powder eggs small and thin shell.So eggs - the most simple and convenient way.Use the eggs of ducks and geese should not - in their shell often live pathogens Salmonella and other infections.

shell color does not matter - it can be white or brown.You can not be treated egg shell in the presence of cancer.

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