Poor appetite.

reason for poor appetite - the "miraculous" starvation

other extreme - starvation.Having read various books and manuals, people begin to practice described in these methods for yourself, and get health problems - the appetite as a result of such experiments is often violated.Of course, fasting is useful and even curative - everyone knows about the miracle of Paul Bragg, but it should be under the supervision of a qualified nutritionist or other qualified physician, with all the rules - and nothing else.

Harmful foods and unbalanced diet

Appetite disturbed, and when a person takes the food is not timely, and when "there is time," and eateth that literally comes to hand - finished products, stale food, fast-fud and other junk food.This diet causes accumulation of toxins in the body, and the man is weakening, and the appetite is getting worse - people are starting to force yourself to eat (the same junk food) and aggravate the situation.About unbalanced diet - the wrong combination of proteins, f

ats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals shortage - could no longer mention.

Chemical drugs and bad habits

also contributes to the uncontrolled use of drugs: it is no secret that we do not like to go to the doctor, but willing to use recommendations of friends and acquaintances, as well as check for yourself the miraculous power of advertising, which is notshortage.If a long time to use drugs, and even herbal infusions without a prescription, your appetite begins to "ride" - that falls, then rises, and there is also bad habits, from which most people are not in a hurry to get rid of - smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise, failurefrom the fresh air, and others.

reason for poor appetite - "Fashion" stress

stress - another reason for the loss of appetite, which can not fail to mention - in our today reality stresses became too much, and not only because it has changedLifestyle.Under stress often become fashionable - it is also a common topic of conversation, with much of the stress caused by reasons that people create for themselves: arguing with superiors and colleagues at work, with family and loved ones, give too much importance to the opinion of others - in short,direction of the port itself (and other) life.What really is your appetite?

What if poor appetite

It might seem that this problem deserves special attention - in our time enough poopasnee disease, but many of them are just the consequence of eating disorders - and even most.

Suffice it to recall that malnutrition is a constant shortage, and then the deficiency of essential body substances, and begin to suffer from this all the organs and systems - for example, reduced bone strength and immunity fades.

What can we do to bring back the appetite and restore well-being?If still no anorexia or other serious diseases, it is possible to cope on their own - but it is better, after consultation with the doctor.

For example, the specialist may recommend medications that increase the appetite, or to designate a course of vitamin therapy;There is also appetizing herbs - such as dandelion root or sweet, mint, yarrow, wormwood, and others. - how to take them, too, need to consult with your doctor.

Excite and reduced appetite Many products, mainly of plant origin: onions and green onions, garlic, radish, citrus, sauerkraut - their ancient doctors used thousands of years ago.

Poor appetite

Finally, it is worth remembering that our ancestors seldom suffered from lack of appetite - they are constantly in the open air and move more.In modern cities is problematic, but at least start walking regularly on weekends and after work, and do not sit at the TV and computer - once appetite improves.

By the way, there is another factor that affects the appetite, which many people consider unimportant - a table setting.Begin to lay the table nicely, and you do not need a normal flavor food ketchup, mayonnaise and bouillon cubes - the appetite of the beautiful serving "wakes up" very quickly.In general, whatever the causes of poor appetite, do not ignore them - they must be to identify and get rid of them once and for all.

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