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Water in feng shui.Fountains, waterfalls and an aquarium in the house: what to choose .Where is the body of water: expert advice of Feng Shui

In ancient China went to the legend of how the carp swam up the river, overcoming rapids, and those who have failed the course, steel dragons.Since then, the Chinese believe the fish symbol of dedication and perseverance.And so if you decide to have fish, the aquarium is to put the device that will create over and the machine that will saturate the water with oxygen.

where you want the decorative pond

fountain, waterfall or the image of the reservoir should be on the left side of the front door (if you face it), if the water supply on the other side of the entrance door, it will begin to attract into the house, not onlywell-being and happiness, but also other women to your husband.It used to be in China believe that a successful man should have a large number of concubines.But in our time loving man can destroy a family.

Professional Advice Feng Shui

Remember that if your element is fire, you can not abuse the elements and symbols of water in the house.In this case, waterfalls, fountains, and pai

ntings of the water should be small.

If you have lost quite healthy aquarium fish, do not panic.This means that the dead fish have taken with them all the misfortunes and calamities that would befall you.In this case, just change the water in the tank and refill it with new fish.

If you do not have time to deal with fish, then you can grow lotuses and water lilies.These flowers as well as the fish brought into the house good luck and prosperity.

If you have your own house, and on the south side stretched a small garden, the feng shui experts recommend to build in the garden of a small fountain or waterfall.It is better if a waterfall or fountain will be located near the front door.So you attract prosperity into the house.But, see, that water flowed toward the front door, not from her, otherwise good luck and prosperity will "leak" from you.As we said above, it is important that this "pond" located on the left side of the door (seen from the house), or else the house will come very often women who want to discourage your husband.

lot of people to the science of Feng Shui are treated like oriental fictions that have no place in Russian culture.But if we look at the history of Russia, we realize that our ancestors built and settled in their homes under the special rules which are largely similar to the rules of feng shui.However, in our time about them no one remembers.But many people know that the construction and arrangement of the houses, windows, doors, baths and wells were determined not arbitrary, but based on Orientation and terrain.Also important, our ancestors paid the water, because they knew that clean water - a source of energy, health and vitality.

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