Red wine.

very valuable red wine because it contains most of the necessary body amino acids for their overall health, we need 20, and almost all of them have in the wine - it their amino acids to 19. Why have soimportant?Without them, the body can not cope with the construction of protein and DNA structure will be weak - the body will not be able to keep and transmit genetic information.

We are not able to synthesize amino acids themselves, as do plants and many animals, so red wine for us is a great product that allows the body to receive them regularly.

following property red wine be very interested in women - it helps to lose weight and stay slim.French cuisine in the world is famous for its elegance, but also calories, and most French people love to eat, but fat and obese people among them very small - especially compared with the US, although the latter only about proper nutrition and speak.Why is this happening?Yes, because the French really love and appreciate good red wine , and before each meal d

rink a glass or two, so the weight of the body they always seeks to normal.

appears under the influence of red wine into the blood more slowly come carbohydrates and the stomach begins to slowly digest proteins, and this helps to reduce appetite in general.

Incidentally, the Americans prefer a strong alcoholic Products: whiskey, brandy, vodka, gin - all these distilled beverages, destroys many nutrients.

wine not distilled and obtained by fermentation, so there are so many useful and valuable natural substances, and therefore the natural energy.Therefore red wine connoisseurs consider it "alive" beverage with unique healing properties.

Calorie and treatment of red wine

«healthy drinks" called red wine, Louis Pasteur, but today few people know about its energy properties, considering it a tasty and refreshing drink.The energy of a good wine can keep the body for many hours, in one liter of dry red wine contains about 700 calories - an amount of beverage can provide many people once fit and in good mood.Human health, not suffering from hepatitis, kidney disease, chronic nervous and mental diseases, and allergies to grape products can drink daily to 150 ml of red wine - this will only benefit.

Treatment of influenza, lung and colds will go faster if you apply as a means for inhalation heated red wine: wine is poured into a bowl of hot, cover and breathe for about 7 minutes - cough runs, and runny nose disappears.A glass of warm red wine with a small amount of black pepper - the perfect remedy for colds and sore throats.After drinking this drink, it is necessary to quickly bundle up and go under the warm blanket, and by the morning the condition improved significantly.

Red wine

Red wine should not drink just like that, with nothing horrible - with any snacks and meals.Not suitable for red wine chocolate, oranges and other citrus fruits, canned fish and oily fish - taste wine in conjunction with them will be ruined.

But fatty meats with red wine goes well - exactly what the French like to eat.It is possible to have a snack of ham, sausage and even a good fat, and a semi-sweet red wines are good vegetables and seafood.

open a bottle of red wine need not directly before pouring it into glasses, and in advance, about an hour before you sit down at the table - the wine should have time to "breathe."

In cooking, red wine is considered to be not only a fine drink, but also a component of many original dishes.For example, a hot sauce of red wine can make any meal memorable and elegant - these are usually prepared sauces for meat and poultry.

Also contraindications listed above, you can not drink red wine in the first 4 months of pregnancy.

may be useful and it is only now red wine : not pasteurized, without preservatives and other additives.It is worth it is more expensive and still not worth saving: cheap red wines do not have useful properties.