Haemanthus (skadoksus).

haemanthus Linden .Wild growing range of representative tropical flora covers the rainforests in the Congo.This evergreen culture has a strong rhizome, two-row arranged on the stem of the leaves up to 30 cm long, on long petioles same, inflorescence type "umbrella", formed by a large number of flowers scarlet-red hue.

haemanthus Grenade .Another name - Skadoksus Grenade.It grows on gravelly soils within southern Africa.The features of culture: the rounded shape of the bulb, 2-4 long sheet of light green color with short petioles and wavy edge, up to 20 light-yellow-scarlet and scarlet reproductive organs on short stalks, gathered in the thick umbrella inflorescence.Summer flowering.

Photo: haemanthus (skadoksus)

Factors of growth and development haemanthus

Tropical Exotic haemanthus picky about the conditions of detention in view of their own specific features and the growing region.Let's find out what are his claims.

  • Lighting
    For haemanthus perfect in this regard will be scattered li
    ght intensity.Direct rays of the sun should not fall on the vegetative organs of the plant.It is best to place a flower on the window eastern or western exposure.If the choice falls on the southern sector, need to pritenyat window gauze or x / cotton cloth.
  • Heat mode
    haemanthus High temperatures are not needed.Even in summer, it does not require such conditions.During the growing season is sufficient to maintain the room temperature control with a flower between + 18 + 20º.In the winter season should ensure +8 + 14º.In summer you can have exotic on the balcony or in the garden.It is important that the plant is not exposed to drafts and rain.
  • Humidity
    haemanthus normally develops in areas with dry air.But it will be very satisfied if it regularly during the flowering spray and leaves periodically cleaned with a damp soft cloth.
  • capacity and as a substrate for planting
    haemanthus use a medium-sized pot always with holes in the bottom.The soil should be highly productive.The composition of the substrate as follows: 1 hour. Garden soil, 1 hr. Of leaf 1 h. River sand.At the bottom of the container satisfied with good drainage.

Care haemanthus home

haemanthus not need it, oddly enough, a plentiful watering .Moisten the soil underneath the spring and summer to be in the moderate mode.The next watering is required, as soon dries out topsoil in the pot.Excess moisture haemanthus carries very heavy.In winter, watering should be reduced.The water take to moisten the soil soft, at room temperature.

Photo: haemanthus (skadoksus)

plant nutrition haemanthus carried out from spring to autumn .Every two or three weeks into the soil under the flower fertilizers.Once a month pour Exotic diluted liquid fertilizer during the growing season.Overfeeding is unacceptable, it is fraught with the termination of flowering.In the rest period, which lasts from October to February, it is not necessary to feed the plant.

haemanthus transplants performed every few years for maternal bulbs .Do this just before the period of growth in the spring.If you ignore this procedure, flowering is not too abundant.Try to avoid damage to the roots when transplanting.

Reproduction haemanthus perform "baby" and seeds .Some species can be propagated by leaf (leaf cuttings).Leaf is separated from the plant, cut pripudrivayut powdered charcoal, planted in the substrate of an equal amount of sand and peat.Care consists of airing, spraying.In the third year the plant blooms.

With regard to diseases and pests, the haemanthus often suffers from those from the other.Among the diseases can be distinguished gray rot, which wins by treatment with fungicides.Exotic Pests: a red spider mite, Jose scale, aphids, thrips.First remove by spraying aktellik, second - karbofosom.Thrips and aphids disappear as a result of the use of specific drugs.

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