Scented candles.

Scented candles

rare use of paraffin candles will not bring harm, but will have to abide by certain rules.

use scented candles

before they ignite, the room should be thoroughly aired, and then do it again, when the candles are extinguished.

incinerate a lot of candles at once is not necessary: ​​there is no precise instructions, but in small rooms where there are children, a large number of candles is especially dangerous - just 1-2.

Do not light candles for a few hours (sometimes they burn day), and you should not use them as air freshener - it was not invented for this purpose.

If paraffin candles will burn in a ventilated room 2-3 times a week for about half an hour, nothing terrible will happen.

What scented candles worth buying

But it is better to give up the candles from the wax, and start learning to love yourself: safe buy scented candles made of natural wax - beeswax or soy.Beeswax candles even flavored is not necessary - they smell of honey and propolis, when lit, but they are often added even

appropriate essential oils.Soy wax is made from soybeans - candles from it learned to do not so long ago, but they were immediately evaluated by experts appreciated.

can buy and stearin candles, they are also safe, since they consist of natural fats, but they can be found for sale infrequently.

good standing scented candles expensive - 500-1000 rubles and more, but sometimes, for the holidays, it's worth to buy them - because most of the candle will not burn at a time.However, keep them longer, too, should not be laid, and therefore need to learn to make your own candles - except that savings is a very interesting process.

Scented candles

How to make scented candles

today sold kits: waxes and wicks for candles, scented oils, mold, petroleum jelly to lubricate them, melting tanks, etc.The form can be made from scrap materials, or take any cylindrical container with smooth edges and smooth walls and its bottom carefully make a hole.

wax melt over a low heat, without boiling - enough temperature 45-50 ° C.The wick must first be dipped in scented oil, and then in hot wax and allow it to dry, keeping upright - so it does not remain air bubbles that impede the smooth burning candles.

Ready wick threaded through the hole made in the bottom of the form, tie knot, so it does not "skip" and fix the tape on the outside.The wick should be straighten and fix - it should be in the center of the shape and form of grease with Vaseline (flavored or conventional oil) and pour into her perfumed wax.Aromatic mixture was added before pouring the wax: for its use natural essential oils or special perfumes and floral waxes - liquid constituents prior to incorporation into the wax are mixed, and the solid is added at the end, and the entire mixture was stirred with a spoon or a wooden stick.

Candles are very fragrant, if for every 100 ml of wax add 10 ml aromasmesi - but these candles are good for use on the porch in the summer to repel insects.Candle, lights in rooms flavor required is 3 times less.When the wax is completely hardened, place a candle in the freezer - half an hour later it can be easily removed from the mold.

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