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Talisman Feng Shui - Jasper: The value and the activation of the amulet.

Talisman jasper red color best guard and protect people from the impact of negative factors.Talisman red jasper is able to protect its wearer from unfavorable energy detractors, and all the negative energy back to the stone, from whom it comes.

Green jasper stone help build relationships with other people and restore peace of mind.

If you can not focus on a certain case, the mascot of Jasper brown will help you achieve the concentration and get rid of unnecessary illusions.

colored stones jasper protect against all sorts of troubles and problems.Decoration of colored jasper help you through difficult times and adapt to changes in life, to make a difficult decision and find a way out of difficult situations.Also, multi-colored jasper help develop natural talents and achieve their goals.

Myth of jasper

In ancient times, Chinese people believed that if a jasper stone put at the head of the bed a child who is learning bad or stupid person, the mascot will help the student learn better, and a fo

ol 'Add' mind.

most effective talismans feng shui jasper

Mascots can serve as any product of jasper: boxes, bowls, vases and animal figures.By the way, figures of animals made of jasper serve you double talisman.Stone Jasper itself protects its owner from the ills of life, and if this stone will be made, for example, figures of elephants, mandarin ducks, or any other charms of Feng Shui, it will bring you more luck, prosperity and love.It all depends on what the mascot of Jasper you will get.

your zodiac sign and the color of jasper

Most mascots Feng Shui are selected on the basis of what you want from a fate, but the choice of such a talisman like a jasper importance has not only your aspirations, but also your zodiac sign.For example, the virgins better to choose jasper red and reddish-black.

Jasper yellow is best to wear at work all signs of the zodiac.Talisman yellow jasper will climb the corporate ladder and achieve respect.

Talisman green jasper best suited Taurus and Sagittarius.But such signs of the zodiac, like Gemini, Pisces and Aries jasper is better not to buy, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the energy background people these signs.

Also, using jasper any color can affect the basic chakra, which is responsible for the work of the body.However, the green jasper will affect the chakra, which is responsible for work of the heart and yellow jasper will have a beneficial effect on the chakra, which is responsible for the solar plexus.

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