Heliconia: description and flowers.

Heliconia parrot - too large culture, the leaves of which reach a length of two feet, have a linear-lanceolate.Flowers with black tips and bright scarlet or orange covering leaves combined into vertical spiral inflorescence.

Heliconia metal - this plant differs impressive dimensions.Its leaves have a 30-tisantimetrovuyu long, oblong-oval shape and pointed tip.Named the view so because the surface of the vegetative organs painted in metallic green.The lower surface of leaves of bright orange.Vegetative organs develop on the long, reddish petioles.The reproductive organs red with green leaves opaque.

Factors of growth and development Heliconia

a typical representative of the genus Heliconia be called unpretentious culture.He has his own troubles and complaints to the conditions of detention are quite high.

  • Lighting
    Heliconia prefers exposure to bright sunlight scattered, and the clock.Good for her placing windows facing east and west.If you have the opportunity to grow a culture on the south
    window, care should be taken pritenenii flower from the direct rays of daylight.However, some of the latest exotic moves quite bearable.
  • temperature regime
    Heliconia - a plant of the tropics, which means enough thermophilic.High temperatures are bad for her health, the best option - it is +22 + 26º regardless of the season.The lower limit of + 18º.It is to protect the plant from drafts.
  • Humidity
    Of course, it should be in a room with high Helikon.To create a level of moisture is good to spray the plant twice a day by spraying or put a pot of culture in a pan filled with expanded clay moist.
  • pot and a substrate
    Take for planting should be broad Helikon capacity.Large specimens should be planted in a tub.At the bottom of the pot arrange good drainage.Fill the container with soil, consisting of a turf ground, leaf soil, humus and sand.All components are taken in equal amounts.
Photo: Heliconia

Care Heliconia home

Being a native of the tropics, exotic plant is very sensitive to the mode of irrigation.Throughout the growing season, ie spring-summer crops require abundant soil moisture.Each subsequent watering is carried out only after it dries topsoil.In autumn and winter, water the plant requires a lot less, but completely dry substrate is not given, otherwise the exotic can be lost.

Helikon necessarily need fertilizing .It is produced in the period from March to September.For this purpose, using complex fertilizers.The frequency of fertilizer application to the soil - once a month.It will be the perfect complement organic fertilizing plants.

Every spring Helikon transplanted into a new bottle with a new same substrate.Remarkably suited for this purpose a soil mixture of the following composition: 2 hours. The ground sheet 1 h. Humus, 1 hr. Turf lands 1 hour. Sand.Pot wide use as landing, with good drainage layer at the bottom.

offspring of Heliconia receive several ways : dividing rhizomes, seeds, root suckers and layering.To propagate exotic seeds, for example, their pre-germinated by soaking in hot water for a few days.Sow the seeds in a mixture of sand and peat at a temperature of + 25º above and below the film.Regularly ventilate and spray crops.

root suckers for propagation should be planted in a pot of moist soil.The capacity put in a warm with high humidity and low light place.Can new growth until plants cover film.

Heliconia not particularly prone to damage by pests .However, sometimes it can be attacked by spider mites and scale insects.The latter is eliminated by treatment with a solution of insecticide and plant aktellik respectively.

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