Paraffin wax and candles: Harm and benefits

Toluene - also aromatic compound, and that it is the raw material from which the benzene and even TNT - known explosive as toluene "can" ignite within a few seconds.In the body, it also falls through the respiratory system, but can and through the skin and directly affects the nervous system, and then the blood - sometimes the changes are irreversible.

Is it really that dangerous?

These descriptions may seem out of place - because paraffin candles a little benzene and toluene, and the harm they can do, if only for days to breathe toxic fumes, but things are not so simple.In everyday life we ​​are constantly surrounded by things made on the basis of chemicals: synthetic fabrics, carpets, decoration materials, household chemicals, and nutritional chemical additives lot - you name it.If you add more candles and paraffin, and light them indoors on a regular basis, the state of health to deteriorate even "stable", but soon no one gets sick and dies.

British researchers say that occasional use of paraffin

candles for health is not dangerous, but at the same time advised to ventilate the room when they burn to reduce the amount of toxins in the air.As usual, the opinions diverge here, some doctors believe that there is much of a problem - in fact there is no direct evidence, however, when they appear, for many lovers of aromatic candles may be too late.

way, although the church is now becoming a commercial and its servants often seek to benefit, kindled paraffin or other candle wax in addition, in the temple of God conscientious priests called "godless" and "disgusting" thing - and this is no accident.

Wax candles - without soot and toxins

wax candles are made entirely from natural substances , and can not bring harm to health, even if it burns a lot of room.In the old days, church candles made from beeswax only: these candles burn evenly, not smoked and do not emit into the air any harmful substances.

Paraffin wax and candles

Now on sale there were scented candles made of wax with propolis, which is not only harmful but also useful: they are encouraged to light in the premises of epidemics, to relieve stress or just to create a romantic atmosphere - suchcandles, you can dine safely.However, they are more expensive than paraffin candles - though, like all natural.

In recent years become popular soy wax - it's cheaper than beeswax, and is also 100% safe, if not free of impurities;Unfortunately, by the standards of soy candles are considered if such a wax are just 1/4, but serious producers of similar goods are not released.Candles from soy wax can be easily processed: the wax is melted and poured into molds, and if desired, it can be tint, and flavored favorite essential oil.

distinguish paraffin wax candles from easy.If paraffin cut, it crumbles, and the wax is cut easily and smoothly;besides wax candles do not leave black soot - they can not be soot glass.