Top 10 misconceptions about conceiving a child

When planning conception there is a risk to encounter with the myths and prejudices that not only help you prepare in pregnancy, but can significantly damage the relationship of the future parents.Internet is also helping to spread misconceptions that claim to be the only correct approach to the conception of the child, but in fact turn out to be useless superstitions.In one forum rack recommend "Birch" immediately after sexual intercourse, on the other advised at least two days did not observe personal hygiene, while others reported that pregnancy definitely happen if the dream of a dolphin or sneezes near a woman would be "in position."To distinguish good advice from the useless is not so easy if you do not have expertise in the field of medicine.Let's talk about the most popular statements regarding pregnancy planning.

Misconception 1

If you can not get pregnant right away, it means that a couple is infertile.

In fact, experts assign a year of conception couple, provided that the woman is you

nger than 32 years.During this time, 85% of households receive the desired result.Women older than 32 years should see a specialist after six months of attempts have been unsuccessful.If these deadlines have passed, and the pregnancy has not occurred, you should consult your doctor.And do not be afraid to talk with a specialist!Non-occurrence of a pregnancy can be caused by factors that are eliminated in a few months.Many types of infertility can be treated successfully.But the thought of the impossibility to have children and inferiority will cause more harm both your health and your family.So do not be discouraged if your first attempt after test shows no pregnancy.

Misconception 2

Conceive possible in a single day - during ovulation.

course, without ovulation - that is, ready to fertilize the ovum - pregnancy is not possible.But it is important to remember that the egg can live for several days.Caught in a woman's body, too, sperm can remain alive and moving in a few days.Therefore, the sexual act committed prior to the day of ovulation or a few days after it, too, can lead to pregnancy.Sometimes women can get pregnant even during menstruation, which would seem to be physiologically impossible.Such extracurricular pregnancy is related to the fact that the ovary, which is to be inactive, suddenly develops fully fertility egg.Of course, the day of ovulation chance of becoming pregnant is much higher, but that does not mean that on other days the possibility of pregnancy cycle completely ruled out.

Misconception 3

to get pregnant, you need to have sex as often as possible.

Some couples give increased value of the number of acts in the "hour of X" - that is, at the time of the alleged ovulation.In the end, lovemaking turned into service, which is executed on schedule.Agree, there is no place fun.The couple are in a constant state of stress, which in turn leads to a decrease in both male and female fertility and is not the best way affects family relationships.

proved that the sperm in the uterine cervical fluid can live 3-5 days (Human Reproduction and the Signs of Fertility. Author: Richard Fehring, DNSc, RN,therefore it is not necessary to do "it" strictly by the calendar.It is quite regular intercourse every few days.

Misconception 4

certain positions during sex or after help to get pregnant.

Experts believe that such stunts can help a little bit faster than the sperm get to the goal, but no more.Millions of male germ cells perfectly landmark without "Birches" and the posture of the dog.

Another thing, if a woman bending of the uterus.Then I can really help certain position, but what - depends on how the body is located.In this case, the optimum position should prompt a gynecologist, but not the Internet.

Misconception 5

If a woman does not reach orgasm, conception will not occur.

Whatever it may sound chauvinistic, for pregnancy is needed is male orgasm, because it always comes at ejaculation.However, this does not mean that man should ignore the feelings of the future mother of his children.

Misconception 6

Using special techniques, you can advance to "choose" the child's sex.

Japanese tables, calculation of the sex of the child by blood, by birth or zodiac sign of parents - no more than self-deception.All these techniques are completely untenable from a scientific point of view.There is no tangible evidence of the influence of the sex of the child's diet mother or father in preparation for conception.

genetic lottery is arranged in such a way that the sex of the baby depends on whether the sperm gets to the egg first - with a female or male X a Y-chromosome."Male" sperm are more agile, but the women's endurance.Theoretically, if the act occurred shortly before ovulation, then the Y-sperm a better chance to fertilize the egg and ovulation even if we have to wait, the greater the chance of an X-sperm.However, this rule only evaluates the probability of conception in natural and does not promise exact birthday boy or girl.

At the same time at conception by in vitro fertilization (IVF) the ability to choose the sex of the child still there.For these purposes the preimplantation diagnosis - cell research embryo before it is transferred into the uterus.This study reveals the genetic abnormalities in the fetus, as well as determine the sex of the unborn child.

In Russia, as in most countries, baby sex selection is allowed only for medical reasons, when there is a risk of inheriting the disease sex-linked.

Misconception 7

If a man or a woman already has children, then he or she can not have a diagnosis of "infertility".

During the life of the body is affected by many factors that are not always favorable.As we age, our health deteriorates, and if we add to the natural aging of chronic diseases, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle - the result can be disastrous.Secondary infertility - officially an existing diagnosis.According to statistics from the Association RESOLVE, which deals with issues of reproductive health in the United States, more than half of all women who undergo fertility treatments in the past were pregnancy (RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association / myth-about-secondary-infertility.html).

Misconception 8

boxers cold feet and increases male fertility.

If you follow this logic, then melting and warm boots should reduce the ability of man to become a father.Actually temperature indeed is important, but not the legs, and for reproductive organs.Therefore, baths, saunas, hot tubs and heated seats for several months prior to conception, it is desirable to eliminate, but the legs do not freeze.Dry any permissible, provided that it is sized as close briefs may still cause overheating of the genital organs and their blood supply deterioration.

Misconception 9

planning a pregnancy exercise is better to exclude.

actually exercise improve health and the health of the parents - the key to having a healthy baby.Naturally, under the exercise should not be taken bodybuilding competition with an appropriate diet and loads, or the establishment of the world's sports records.Loads that are experiencing professional athletes, are not conducive to conception.But moderate physical activity is highly recommended!Moreover, the strengthening of the skeletal muscles will help the expectant mother is easier to bear pregnancy.

Misconception 10

plans to conceive should avoid diets, and eat plenty of high-grade.

begin with that diet diet strife.When it comes to the power supply system, which implies a full or partial waiver of the important work of our body proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, macro- and microelements, such a diet is, of course, will not do.Therefore, during the planning of conception do not need mono-diet, low-calorie diets, and other power system targeted at weight loss.However, a regular balanced healthy diet - a prerequisite preparation for pregnancy.When overweight should reduce the daily amount of calories.But remember that the number of calories should not fall below a certain level of 1800 calories for men, 1200 for women.It is mandatory to have to give up foods containing saturated and trans fats, "fast" carbohydrates from sugary carbonated and caffeinated beverages, and alcohol.By the way, it is proved that the latter reduces fertility, leads to increased risk of spontaneous abortion and congenital diseases in the child (Gagaev Celebi. Conception and alcohol - are incompatible? // 9 months. - 2004. - № 3.), (Effect of Alcohol Consumptionon In Vitro Fertilization. Rossi, Brooke V. MD; Berry, Katharine F. MA; Hornstein, Mark D. MD; Cramer, Daniel W. MD, ScD; Ehrlich, Shelley MD, MPH; Missmer, Stacey A. ScD - Obstetrics& amp; Gynecology: January 2011 - Volume 117 - Issue 1 - pp 136-142.).

In preparation for pregnancy should pay attention to vitamin and mineral supplements for those who are planning to conceive.The fact is that even the most healthy and balanced diet is not always able to provide the body with the right amount of vitamins and minerals that are required for an active spermatogenesis men and women - to increase the likelihood of conception.These drugs are Pregnoton and Spematon.

"Male" complex Spematon improves sperm quality by stimulating the production of sperm, increasing their mobility and concentration, as well as improving the morphological structure.Action Spematona due to the properties of its components - L-carnitine, zinc, and vitamin E.

Components Pregnotona positive effect on the reproductive system of a woman - normalized cycle, provide the body with vitamins and minerals necessary for the conception and formation of the fetus in the early stages, improve blood circulation in the organspelvis.

Start taking vitamin complexes must be in advance - at least three months before the alleged conception.

As you can see, not all popular recommendations are the right to life.Save your time and energy - relevant to ask your doctor questions.Skilled far better known for the subtleties and nuances of preparation for pregnancy, what forum regulars.

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