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How do you know my personality element: the definition of its identity element.

Now that you've decided on your element, you can begin to improve your home.If you mainly refers to the element of air in your home is to dominate the energy of the air.And if you think about all the elements (this is rare, but it happens), then in your home should be the elements and objects that correspond to different elements.

myth about the origin of the elements 4

worldwide beginning there was chaos, and the world was in darkness ....Until they came ... There were seven ... seven creators and magicians.Nobody ever knew them or where they came from or who they are.We only know that these seven magicians created the world as we see it today.

According to legend, they appeared on the Earth and surprise her misery.And then they decided to turn the chaos on earth, in heaven.And the first thing they have created on earth, there were four elements that none of them had no superiority on earth.And these were the elements - water, air, earth and fire.The other two magician made the day and night to th

e eyes, watching the whole world the beauty of the day, resting at night.And the most proud and wise magician was just standing on the sidelines and watching what comes out of all the work done by his friends.

And when it was all done on the planet, they called this planet - the Earth, and there was her life.

And everything was fine ... Magee created them lived on the planet, but it's time to go to them and they began to think, to whom leave Earth.But none of the magicians did not want to stay on Earth, and then the seventh magician, who was not involved in the creation of the earth, decided to create a creature like him, he called him a man.Every man in his grade magician, and each person has a great responsibility for our planet.Dear friends, let us remember this always!

Elements Elements personality personality: continuing

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