Gaster: views the photo.

Gaster Armstrong - small plant with stiff, fleshy leaves 3 cm, the ends of which are rounded, have a warty surface.The reproductive organs of culture painted in pink color, small size, are in racemose inflorescences.

Gaster Soddy - characterized, it does not stem.Leaves of the plant reaches a length of 14 cm, width 2 cm, rather thick, dark green.On the surface of the vegetative organs are "scattered" multiple patches of greenish-white shade.Decorate Exotic pink or red flowers are small.

Gaster spotted - a plant with smooth leaves, the surface of which is covered with elongated light spots forming the fuzzy strips.At the tip of the vegetative organs are located small warts.The surface of the leaf is slightly convex, they themselves are thick, fleshy.The flowers form racemose inflorescence, not differing porosity.Single reproductive organs funnel-shaped with a swollen base shade of red with a green border.

Gaster whitish - also acaulescent plant.Its leaves form a large rosette.Vegetative organ

s glossy, green, keeled, at the bottom of broadly arranged ribbon-like.The leaves are covered with white dots and are biconvex.On the meter spike develop small, up to 5 cm in diameter flowers with slight swelling at the base and scarlet color.

there are hybrid varieties Gaster: for example, gastervortiya, the raw material for the plant which will serve as Gaster and haworthias and Tours - the result of crossing our heroine with aloe.

Conditions of Gaster

  • light mode
    Gaster can be called shade tolerance .However, this does not support the content of culture in places devoid of sunlight.Gaster require bright indirect lighting, ensure that you can shade cloth.The best accommodation Exotic recognized the eastern and western windows.During the summer, welcome Gaster content outdoors, but at the location it should be no wind, rain, direct sunlight.In the room with the flower should avoid drafts.In winter, does not prevent additional lighting for 16 hours.

  • Thermal conditions The temperature in the room with Guster in the summer and the spring should be maintained between + 18 + 25º.The autumn-winter period coincides with the phase of relative calm plants, so the temperature must be lowered to + 6 + 12º.More intense heat treatment is fraught with culture in the absence of further flowering.Also, too low a temperature adversely affect the development of the Exotic: inflorescences begin to shrink.
  • Humidity
    There are no specific recommendations as well as the flower normally tolerate dry air, so spray it is not necessary.
  • capacity and soil quality
    Gaster should be planted in pots small diameter .The bottom should be occupied by the drainage layer.The substrate used consists of two sheet metal parts, one part of humus, 0.5 parts of sand and 1 part peat.You can add a mixture of brick chips.Suitable for Guster and a special primer for cacti and succulents.
Photo: Gaster

Care Gaster home

During vegetation of exotic plants provide abundant watering - it is carried out from March to October.Excess moisture in the soil should be avoided, it reflects badly on the state Gaster.Drying earthen clod in the pot as inadmissible.Beginning in the fall, limiting irrigation, and so continue throughout the winter.

Fertilizing plants produce from late spring to September inclusive.The frequency of fertilizer application - twice a month.Gaster fed with special mineral complex for succulents and cacti, only the concentration used is not specified on the packaging and half.In autumn and winter do not need fertilizing.

Transplant exotic culture is carried out every two years in the spring and summer is permitted.To plant was large, adult specimens used in the handling of containers with large diameter, and annually."Babes" thus separated.The soil should be loose, have an acidic environment.

Propagation Gaster "baby" and seeds.Recent ripen in July, after flowering.They are sown, not closing up, in the wet sand.Top covered with glass.The temperature should be between + 15 + 20º.Periodically ventilate and spray crops.To obtain offspring from Exotic using "children" should be regularly to separate them from the mother plant.

Gaster under attack from pests such as aphids, mealybug, Jose scale.There may be a fungal disease and bacterial illnesses.

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