Enema to cleanse the bowel.

effect will be stronger if in water, add lemon juice - a bit to make it a little sour.It is better to do a cleansing enema early in the morning - from 5 to 7 hours, or in the evening - from 8 to 9, and the procedure to be sure to go to the toilet - this enema different from that which makes constipation to cause the chair.

water is poured into the cup, and twist it tightly overlapping crane overlooking the hose.Tip for the first time you need to choose the longest - it smeared boiled vegetable oil.

carry out the procedure to be in the vicinity of the toilet - in any case, the toilet should not be occupied, and all you need to secure a retreat for at least 30 minutes.Mug necessary to strengthen high enough, but the hose should be within reach;posture should be such that the water flowed freely into the rectum: you can lie on your side, cross-legged, or stand on all fours so that the entire pelvic part is above the head.The tip is inserted into the anus gently, slowly and as deeply as possible, and the

n carefully open the valve circles - have to pour water all over, otherwise the procedure does not make sense.Keep water in the intestine is necessary for 7-9 minutes, and at this time it is desirable to move: rotate the hips, bend forward, left and right - the water should move, to capture as much as possible "deposits".

Of course, after the first procedure, clean water from the intestines to go will not be - and this is what is considered a sign of purification efficiency - usually come stool: sometimes happens so that "owners" very surprised.In this case, cleaning is a policy - to put a cleansing enema once a week.

Courses bowel cleansing with enemas

generally start such a course should not be dramatically: it is considered that the need to pour at least 2 liters of water to cleaning to be effective, but not all are able to handle it the first time.However cleaned with enemas can be gradually, so the body can get used to it.On one of the proposed techniques in one day can be poured only 0.5 liters of water, next day - 1 liter, and then make a two-day break.During the third procedure has poured 1.5 liters, and the same - in the 4th, the next day, and then make a break - one day.It can then be poured into 2 liters of water intestine: mucosal "accustomed", and will not be injured.

Repeat this course if necessary, it is possible not earlier than in a month;should be done in 2 months.Then - after 3, 4 and so on, up to a year - to hold supporting courses once a year is enough.

Enema to cleanse the bowel

There are different recipes for different people enema: a decoction of herbs, natural honey - if there is an allergy, with the juice of raw beets - it is believed that the latter helps even with dysbiosis.

abuse enemas

worth saying about the abuse enemas - unfortunately, they often take place, particularly among those who want to "lose weight cheaply."If an enema is often used, the intestine will not work - it is waiting to wash out, and as a result have to seek the help of doctors.With the help of an enema can really clean the lower part of the intestines - if fecal stones are not too compacted, but the upper parts of the water does not reach - they need to clean the "upper" path.Also hobby enemas can wash from the gut microflora - and it at us and so low, so resolved at such courses should be only after consulting a specialist.

Contraindications for bowel cleansing

cleanses the bowel via an enema can not be in the bowel inflammation, ulcers and tumors of the colon, acute conditions, gastric and intestinal bleeding, in the postoperative period and under certain cardiovascular diseases.