very beautiful decorative forms and varieties of Gardenia jasminoides .So a variety of Fortune (fortuniana) catches the eye kamelievidnymi double flowers with a diameter up to 10 cm. Quality First Love attracts terry fragrant reproductive organs with a diameter of more than 18 cm, whitish-cream color, appears twice a year.Sort Veitchii decorate the house or greenhouse terry double fragrant flowers that develop on the background of dark green leaves with a shiny surface.

growth and development of gardenia home

Like any flora typical of the subtropical zone, gardenia imposes special requirements to environmental factors .And it is necessary to consider going to grow exotic culture in the home or in the garden.

  • Lighting.
    Gardenia is best developed under the influence of bright sunlight .However, the direct rays of daylight flower light contraindicated, so it is recommended to place the plant on the east or west window of the apartment.In the case of the possibility of the host culture exclusivel
    y in the southern sector of the premises, it necessarily pritenyat paper or white cloth especially in the period from 11.00 am to 17.00 pm.
  • temperature.
    High temperatures gardenia nowhere .Optimal thermal conditions for the successful growth and formation is considered +22 + 24º in spring and summer, + 18º in the fall, + 22º in winter.The temperature of the soil in the pot with a flower to be identical to the room.
  • Humidity.
    gardenia plant needs regular moisture , and not only through irrigation, but also by spraying.This procedure is carried out in the laying of buds.Also, the pots are placed in a tray of moist peat moss or sphagnum,.As soon as the buds bloom, spray the culture is stopped: quite a periodic wiping leaves with a damp sponge.
  • capacity and quality of the substrate.
    soil for planting subtropical crops take only fertile having an acidic environment.The required conditions include looseness of the substrate.The composition of the soil mix is ​​usually implemented in practice as follows: 1 hour. Sod, 1 hour. The softwood land, 1 hour. Peat, 1 hr. Of perlite, sand or vermiculite.It is recommended from time to time moisten the earthen room in a pot with water and citric acid (2-3 g per 1 liter of fluid).Pot gardenia use of medium size.
Photo: gardenia

Care gardenia home

throughout the growing season gardenia provide abundant watering .Another soil moisture under the flower is done when the top layer of the substrate dries.With the onset of fall at a moderate supply of soil moisture regime: a few days after drying of the upper layer of the substrate.In winter, reduce watering.To the right was the formation and development of buds in the period from the end of March the plant arrange a rest period lasting 1.5 months.Watering moderate.

gardenias fertilizing twice a month from spring until autumn.For these purposes, use of mineral and organic fertilizers in interleaved mode.Good liquid concentrate (for example - "Vito").If gardenia adult, an additional weekly in the soil under it fertilized lacking calcium.

After flowering culture subjected to pruning.In this procedure involve the plant shoots that perpetuate 1/2 or 2/3 of the length of the main stem.Good results are obtained nipping the tops of young branches gardenia during the growing season.

Transplant Exotic be made as necessary.The most favorable period for this operation: after flowering or in early spring.

representative of the family Rubiaceae multiply apical cuttings.They are prepared by grafting spring.Then try to get offspring.Shoots must be 10 cm in height.They are planted to take root in a soil mix consisting of peat and sand (1: 1).On top is covered with polyethylene cuttings, keep the temperature within + 25º.Ventilate and watered.Pests are gardenia Jose scale and spider mites.

Well, in the end a little bit about the medicinal properties of plants.Firstly, it contains a choleretic compound - karatinoidny glycoside crocin.Secondly, an extract of the plant decreases blood pressure.Thirdly, the crushed fruit treat burns, wounds and bruises at external use.With gardenia you will always be healthy!