Some useful properties of rice may be harmful - at constant use of it.Gradually the figure is possible every day, as a garnish for vegetables, either alone or in food, but in parallel with it it is necessary to use the products, which are high in fiber - fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.Otherwise, the figure is too reinforces the intestines, leading to constipation, rectal fissures, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

It should also be remembered that the harm and benefit of rice depends on its type and method of processing: white sanded and polished rice brings almost no benefit - a refined product, and frequent use leads to the development of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypovitaminosis etc..d.Doctors and nutritionists recommend to eat more brown rice - it is not completely cleaned up, and contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Types rice


kinds of rice is now known for more than 20 , but Russia has sold only a few, of whom we know more than other types of white polished rice, parboiled

, brown unpolished, Long, Round and srednezerny.

White polished rice least useful, and grain it may be of any shape - round, etc., - But the world's most consumed was he as simple to prepare.Preparing it quickly, tasty meals with him, and about the benefits of the majority of people think in the last turn.

Steamed rice more useful: in solid form it is soaked and then steamed using a special technology that allows the grain of the shell to absorb most of the vitamins and minerals.This figure is not as brittle as cut and polished, and the grain of his half-transparent, and yellowish - while cooking, he becomes white, but is preparing for longer polished - steaming makes it harder.

Brown rice is considered to be the best possible for us: it is accessible, useful and tasty, but preparing longer than other types - an average of about half an hour, and it is not as soft as white.Preserved light brown jacket - the main value of the rice: nutritionists and the adherents of a healthy lifestyle it is very appreciated.

Long-grain rice can be white and brown: it is popular in Asia, the Americas and Australia;its grains are very long - up to 8 mm, and when cooked they do not stick together - dishes can be cooked out of it very different, and it is used in cooking in many countries.

Srednezerny Figure grown not only in Asia and North America, but in Europe it is more sticky - during cooking it absorbs more fluid, and yet he "can" soak up the different tastes and flavors: with him is good to cook soups and cookingmain dishes.

Round Rice known in Russia for a long time: in Soviet times it was he who sold to all the shops - it is grown and we have, in Ukraine.Liquid during cooking, it absorbs a lot and becomes soft, like a cream - is from a famous cook porridge "mush."Good to cook from it soups, casseroles, puddings, rice cakes and sushi - the rice sticks together perfectly.

Of the other species known to us, we can recall basmati rice : it is delicious and flavorful, and the grain in his thin and long - the world he is considered one of the elite varieties.

Another view - jasmine rice , grown in Thailand, he is also very white and fragrant and cooked in a really fine smell of jasmine.It is soft and a little sticky, but it does not boil soft grain, and do not lose their beautiful elongated shape.

How to cook rice

to rice was delicious and useful, it must be properly prepared - it's easy.Dishes are taking a thick - Teflon, glass, metal, but not the enamel - in which he burns, and the enamel may get into the prepared dish.

Japanese do not wash rice - they believe that's wrong with it washed away everything of value, but we do not have such processing technology, both in Japan, so we better to wash, otherwise food will fall not only vitamins and minerals, but alsodirt and disease-causing microbes.

easiest and at the same time, the proper way: put the rice in a saucepan, pour the boiling broth (water) 1: 5, add salt, bring to a boil over medium heat, reduce heat to low, and cook the rice for 10-15 minutes - to closedo not.Then Figure recline in a colander and washed with hot boiled water;colander put on a pot, cover with a lid, and keep it well for about 7 minutes.Rice is ready - you can eat it or cook with it all delicious.During cooking interfere rice is not recommended.

Brown rice

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