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Health Balls - the mascot of feng shui.

Balls health: basic exercises for toning arms

«Sooty hands»
Within two minutes, toss the ball in the palm of your hand as if holding in your hands a piece of coal.With continuous tossing a ball has a tonic effect on the mobility of the hands and skin.You can also roll the ball between your hands, lightly pushing it down.

«Crush nuts»
Take the ball in his left hand, put it in the center of the palm, cover it with your right hand.Begin to put pressure on the ball with both hands, as if you want to crush him.

«tiger's mouth biting the ball»
Squeeze the ball between thumb and index finger.Keep the ball very tightly to at squeezing you had the feeling of stretching and aching fingers.

«Pearl in the clutches of the dragon»
Take a bowl with all five fingers and press on it so as if you crumpled it.

«Monkey with a peach»
Put the ball in the middle of the palm of your hand and begin to compress.

All of these exercises are performed for two minutes each.

Once you have learned the gentle ex

ercise, you are advised to complicate his task and, together with the basic exercises for toning exercises to perform the rotation.Exercises in the rotation to perform better with relaxed wrist.

Balls health: basic exercises rotation

«spinning and unscrew»
Put one ball in the center of the palm and thumb, try to scroll it on the little finger to the index finger, the index finger and then return the ball on the spot.Then scroll ball with your thumb.Do this exercise several times without stopping motion.To perform "twisting" twist ball in the opposite direction, but the center of the palm of his return, not the index finger and the little finger.

«Rotation few balls»
performs the same movement as in the first exercise, but with a few balls.

«Exercise with two balls»
Take the 2 ball in hand and with your thumb push one ball to another, if this movement is to develop a hand.The remaining fingers help to push the ball, until the balls are not swapped.Once swapped balls, flatten the palm.Continue this action continuously.

«Rotation two balls horizontally»
Take a few balls in the hand, thumb advance the ball to the little finger and the little finger advance the ball to the other thumb.When the right ball close to the center of the palms, it turns horizontal rotation.Turn the balls without stopping, until then, until you learn to move them either clockwise or counterclockwise.In this exercise, keep a hand palm up.After learn to freely rotate the balls, try this same exercise to perform, palm down, and at different angles.

«Rotating three balls horizontally»
Perform the same exercise that given above, but with three balls.

«rotation without contact»
For this exercise is better to choose big balls.Take the balls in hand and begin to rotate them so that they do not touch each other.The distance between the balls must be not less than 1-2 mm.

Take three balls in his hand, and in the center between the balls put one more - the fourth ball, so you have to turn the pyramid.Little practice, you can easily take with one hand all four balls and put them in a pyramid.In the meantime, help yourself a second hand to set the upper bowl.Try to rotate the three balls, and the upper bowl will rotate itself.It looks very nice.By rotating the pyramid try to hold as long as possible, becauseone wrong movement when it could collapse.

Take four balls in his hand and follow the "horizontal movement" first clockwise, then start to rotate the balls counterclockwise.

Balls health: exercise for fingers

Place one ball between the index and middle finger, and the fingers should be straight.Another place the ball between the ring finger and thumb.The little finger to push the ring finger.Start hitting balls at each other, as if the click castanets.Exercise perform with both hands simultaneously, while actively rotate the wrist.For this exercise, you will need four metal ball of average size.

«Exercise for fingertips»
Secure the ball between the ring finger and thumb, and work out the rotational movement, gradually moving the ball to the other fingers.

«Dragon with pearl»
Secure the ball between the ring finger and little finger of his right hand, then the middle finger roll the ball so that he was between the middle and ring finger.Move the ball from left to right, first the index finger, then start to push the ball with the thumb in the opposite direction.When these movements must not touch the ball with his hand.

Chinese believe that the hand of man - this is his second eye. After using hand people can learn a lot about the world around them.Hands are able to reflect our feelings and emotions.In our fingertips have the meridians through which energy passes.And if in the human failures or disturbances occur, it can be seen on his hands.As in the human body a lot of energy channels which terminate at their fingertips, so exercise with balls are very useful, they improve the patency of energy.

These exercises are useful both for young people and for the elderly.

their "Balls of health" can not give or make use of other people.By submitting your balls to other people, you are transferring them to your aura, and this absolutely can not do.

But the new "Balls of health" may be the perfect gift for any celebration.On the surface of the balls, which are designed for a gift, you can apply a variety of figures and characters, symbolizing happiness, well-being and health.For example, balloons with the image of the Phoenix and Dragon - a symbol of protection from evil.The image of the character "double happiness" or an image of fish - the wish for happiness in the family.Tortoises and cranes - a symbol of longevity, beauty.The image of butterflies - reflects the character of the female happiness.Girls and young women better to give balls with pictures of flowers.

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