Los Angeles (City of Angels): climate, attractions, recreation

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Climate and weather in Los Angeles

Los Angeles - this is California, and climatic zone here is the same as in the Mediterranean.Summers are hot and dry, and almost no rain, but in coastal areas where winds blow from the Pacific Ocean, you can feel quite comfortable.

The average daily temperature in the summer is often much higher than 32 ° C, while in recent years it has become a "climb" well beyond 40 ° C, but winter is usually a little more than 20 ° C, and rains - often in February.Winter is here - a relative term, but snow falls - though in the city is rare, but in the surrounding mountains you can ski.However, it will have to move off far enough - a set of territories, which are now known as Los Angeles, is huge - about 1,300 square

Some attractions of Los Angeles

Of the hundreds of Los Angeles attractions, we still try to mention some - at least briefly.On Hollywood Boulevard, there's Chinese Theatre - it is visible from far away because of its green

roof is very high - 30 meters, and it is necessary to visit.Plenty of space - the hall is placed nearly 1,200 spectators.Next to the theater is a walk of fame - on the concrete sidewalk can see and even touch imprints of hands and feet favorite stars of world cinema.


way, you can get to a real studio - eg, Paramount Pictures and Universal - the studio is now called "the capital city of entertainment" - part of it is given over to tourist attraction.

Los Angeles - not only the capital of cinema : here a lot of things worth to see and visit.The town of Santa Monica is located in the west of the district, and just where you can escape the heat - from the sea blows a fresh wind, the beach is large and clean, and people are not so much - such places are very much appreciated.Popular in the city considered the street Promenade, where the most chic restaurants, shops and cinemas.

quite a breath of fresh air, and you can park Runyon Canyon, a very beloved by locals.He is not very big, but well maintained, and the view from the top of the canyon offers beautiful - especially the ocean.

Greystone Park is no less popular, but it is not always possible to get there: it is a variety of events - public and cultural, and often removed cinema - Hollywood directors like him.

worth mentioning Griffith Park: size, he is 5 times bigger than Central Park in New York, although open later.On the territory of Griffith Park, you can visit many interesting places - a museum, an observatory, a zoo - it opened in 1912, and now it contains about 1,200 animals - theater, and mark HOLLYWOOD is also very close.Amusement Park have a collective and families: here you can go horse riding, biking and historic train - by the way, the park has a museum of the history of the California railways - tennis, football, golf, or just have a picnic - it has separate zones.Best of all, relax in the park is completely free.

I would like to mention Disneyland - there need to be sure to visit, no matter you come with children or not - by the fairy tale can not be held.


Sea vacation in Los Angeles

But about marine recreation must say necessarily, although it does not need advertising: probably such a name as Malibu, heard each - a landmark not only in Los Angeles,but the whole of America.For those who dream of a truly comfortable holiday, is best suited beach Zuma: here nobody drink alcohol - it is not accepted, so do not try to bring it with you, but the food and soft drinks - if you want to save on the beach cafe -indefinitely.The order on the beach Zuma perfect: very clean and white sand, clear water - you can see the dolphins well - and in the dressing rooms and guest rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay at the beach;You can take a shower at any time - after swimming, volleyball or dance on the court.


beach in Los Angeles more than 20 , and you can choose any - the mood.And tell about the sights of the City of Angels can not be short: it is impossible to determine even the center and more than 80 areas, and almost all of them have its own special character, so it's better to come here in person, and to see at least the most famous miracles.

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