Photo: gabrantus

Conditions of Exotic

Gabrantus easy to cultivate as the room culture , despite a specific area of ​​growth.But in any case it is recommended to adhere to environmental factors influencing the development of Exotic.

  • Lighting
    Gabrantus prefers to grow in a sunny position.The ideal would be varinat placing culture at the window, oriented to the west or east.In a particularly hot, sunny days of summer should pritenyat plants from the direct rays of daylight.

  • Thermal conditions throughout the growing season gabrantus needs moderate air temperatures: about + 23 + 25º.In autumn and winter temperature is reduced to + 10º.Sudden changes are undesirable, but tolerated - plant them safely withstand.
  • Humidity
    Gabrantus normally feels at low levels of moisture in the surrounding atmosphere.In other words, spraying does not need an exotic culture.
  • capacity and the quality of the soil for planting
    gabrantusa better to use small clay pots.The composition of the soil is very
    rich in: 1 hr. Of leaf, 1 h. The clay-turf ground, and 1 hr. Of peat, sand and compost.At the bottom of the pot arrange good drainage layer.

Care gabrantusom home

spring and summer - the phase of active growth for gabrantusa .And therefore the plant requires abundant watering during this period.The soil should be slightly vlazhnovatoy constantly, with an excess of water in the ground is harmful to gabrantusa.During the rest of the substrate moisture should significantly reduce or stop altogether.However, there is an alternative: prevent the attack from gabrantusa this phase and continue to pour in the moderate mode.Then the flower does not throw the leaves and give fewer colors with the onset of the growing season.

What can I say about feeding your plant?This culture is necessary and in the alternation of mineral and organic fertilizers, balanced chemical composition.Prerequisite implementation of the procedure - regularity.In the cold to hold fertilizer is not necessary.

Transplanted gabrantus either autumn or spring, preferably every year.Bulbs that are stored in a period of rest in a cool place, planted in pots to the ground: a few pieces of each container.Sheika bulbs should be close enough to the surface of the earth.In the formation of soil adhere to the following composition of the soil mix of peat, clay, turf, leaf soil, sand and humus.Drainage is formed of small pebbles.Just as when landing ispolhzuyut planned to transplant clay pots.

Photo: gabrantus

Propagation gabrantus "baby", following the example of all other members of the lily family.Subsidiaries bulbs are separated from the mother bulb and spring planted in a container with a wide diameter of the top, but a shallow bottom.

Blooming "kids" you will see probably the next year.Theoretically it is possible to propagate gabrantus and using the seeds, but it is very difficult.To get them, you should cross Exotic exclusively to an instance of the same species.Understandably, in the indoor environment is impossible to ensure this process.This method is ideal for the breeding of specialized nurseries.

In relation to insect pests of plants is quite stable.Bacterial and fungal diseases in gabrantusa also occur rarely.This is a huge advantage over other members of the culture room flowering flora.In particular, it is due to this circumstance Exotic gabrantus cultivate a pleasure.See for yourself!

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