to immunity as a destructive sugar: after its use in large quantities - for example, cakes, pastries and chocolates, the body's resistance is reduced by almost 20 (!) Times, and in this condition a person may be 8-10 hours.Given that the sweets are eaten by our customers in large quantities, there is no wonder that we regularly visit the influenza epidemic and other infectious diseases: a man with a "fallen" immunity becomes easy prey for viruses and bacteria.

to need a lot of sugar assimilation of calcium, so sweet tooth, he simply washed out of the bones - it threatens to osteoporosis;the teeth at the same sweet lovers are rarely in the order, even if cared for properly.

fat deposits is also growing rapidly in the consumption of sugar when the glycogen stores in the liver are "unnecessary" - glycogen produced from sugars - fats deposited where we do not need - in the abdomen and thighs.If sugar is consumed along with fat - and it happens often - obese man quickly catches up, and he did not have tim

e to even understand when accumulated so much excess weight.

Sugar causes unreasonable increase appetite neurons in the brain responsible for the control of hunger, no longer operate normally and the body is "confused" - people overeat, and it ends up obese again.Unjustified and famine caused by sudden changes in blood glucose levels: during the day most people experience it more than once, biting sweet donuts or chocolate.

B vitamins are very important for us, as women need to replenish their stocks of the time, but the assimilation of white sugar, these vitamins the body is forced to spend without them it is not metabolized, and in it the vitamins do not have - the body takes B vitamins from the internal organsand systems and this leads to a deficit.If a person eats a lot of sweets, but his food is poor in vitamins, he developed the disease of the skin and muscles, anemia;reduced vision, there are digestive disorders, fatigue and severe irritability, heart attacks, etc.When we eat natural sugar, natural products, together with him we get and a set of vitamins for its processing, and the body to digest it much easier.

tell us more about the dangers of sugar in a short article, we still can not.

It adversely affects the heart muscle, and when it is prolonged excessive consumption of the heart can even stop - due to degeneration of muscle tissue and a large accumulation of fluid out of blood vessels.

energy sugar gives us is not so much how many takes: it causes a deficiency of vitamins - especially thiamine and hypoglycemia - a dangerous condition that can lead - in the case of coma - death.

sugar consumption leads to prolonged stress when blood sugar levels constant, "galloping" and quite, cells and tissues are tense, and remove it we can not and do not have time.

harm sugar clearly visible on a simple example: If a healthy dog ​​to give a little sugar, then 3-4 hours in her eyes will fester - most people never even thought of.

What types of sugar are best known today

About beet and cane sugar has already been mentioned, but there are other species: in Russia, they are rare, but in some countries are key.

Canada get the sugar maple - maple juice: the juice is collected in the same way as we do birch and then evaporated - Canadians consume it constantly, and even sell to other countries.

palm sugar obtained from the sap of coconut and other trees: so do on the islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans in the South and South-East Asia - it is consumed locally and on the world market it a little bit.

sorghum sugar produced not only in China but also in some northern states of the USA.Removing sugar from the stalks of sorghum is not easy, and this method is not very popular, but it is still used: sorghum - a plant that is resistant to drought and can grow in areas where moisture-loving culture unprofitable sugar.

How to choose a sugar


From the above it is clear that white sugar should be consumed as little as possible, but there's still unrefined brown sugar and beet - other types are rare in Russia.

in brown sugar more minerals, vitamins, and even there, but it costs more.Another drawback - it can be painted, and then use it enough: this is the same refined sugar, but mixed with molasses.Try to find the brown sugar almost black or golden color with crystals invisible: it is sticky when dry and harden much - in the shops it is extremely rare.

Simply buy the yellow beet sugar: it brown, and has a special taste - is unusual, but useful, and this is of brown sugar is cheaper.

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