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Talisman Feng Shui - carp: the goal and activating mascot.


In feng shui statue of the sacred carp fish "Tai" - a symbol of spiritual development and success.This mascot is diverse because it can activate luck in different spheres of life, for example, if it is placed in the area of ​​wealth, on the southeastern side, it will bring into your home cash flow.

Two carp symbolize the perfect harmony between man and woman, and nine carp are attracted to the house good luck, prosperity and enrichment.

As mentioned above, the carp symbolizes the resistance, endurance and determination.Carp will always reach your goal with the tenacity to overcome all the hardships and difficulties, so the carp need a talisman to those who want to learn patience and courage.

Feng Shui experts recommend, if possible, to get live carp.But if this is not possible, then a picture, a photo or a panel of these fish will also have the power.You can also buy carp statue of the material that you like.

Revitalization mascot of feng shui - the carp

Talisman carp must be placed directly in the water or next to it.The best placement of carp - a water tank.It does not matter what kind of carp, painted, statue or real.There are other options of this sacred fish.

elder Qin Gao was a very curious person, so he decided to go through the whole of China from beginning to end to learn and memorize all the new items.After gaining new knowledge, the old man wanted to share them with his contemporaries, and went back to the shore of the pond to go back to where he sailed.Karpov was waiting for him on the shore.Sage again saddled him and they sailed back to the past.But he was surprised when he realized that while he was swimming in the past hundred years have passed and the world changed again.Qin Gao again enriched with new knowledge and swam back to help people and tell them what awaits them in the past.But his crossing to the other side again took a hundred years.The Chinese believe that this wise man swims across the lake today, but he did not manage to warn people about what awaits them.They say that only the carp can cross the boundaries of time and tell people about the discovery elder Qin Gao.

Talisman carp in terms of Feng Shui

mascot of feng shui - the carp will have a special power if it is made in the style of traditional Chinese painting - Guohua.

Guohua The technology used for drawing water ink or paint.They are either painted on paper or silk.Most popular images made in this style - a bird and flowers, water and mountains, as well as the image of the carp.

Guohua - a delicacy and attention to the smallest detail.The technique most Guohua flickering item has its own meaning, blessed ancient ritual.To paint in the style of Guohua required 16 different brushes that are used in different ways.Their use depends on how the paints.On the basis of which method chosen to draw a picture of the artist and brush will hold in different ways: with pressure or without pressure, vertically or obliquely.

Guohua - is the ancient Chinese art, and most of the work was considerably influenced by the art of the European countries: Chinese artists began to use in their work the game of shadow and light.Critics have even compared one of the directions Guohua with Impressionism in Europe.

If you hang a picture Guohua at home, it would be doubly efficacious: your aesthetic pleasure of the artistic value of the painting will be an additional stimulant for the mascot, and he, in turn, will attract into your home even more prosperity and good luck.

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