Metabolic disorders in the body: causes, symptoms and treatment

Metabolic disorders in the body

In general, in any case, to restore the disturbed metabolism needs a specialist, so the consultation of the endocrinologist is required and treatment is always strictly individual: after all kinds of sharing a lot - fat, water and salt, mineral, and others., And accuratediagnosis can only be a doctor.

Traditional recipes treatment of metabolic disorders in the body

But the popular recipes also know enough - they can be used as a supplement to the basic treatment, and also with a doctor's permission.

When disturbed metabolism during the month of drink infusion of herbs: birch buds and dried chamomile flowers - 2 tablespoons, grass Helichrysum and Hypericum - 1 tbspmix and brew 1 tablespoona mixture of boiling water (500 ml), wrap up and insist 20 minutes.Strained infusion drink a glass 2 times a day, morning and night, adding honey - 1 tsp

Helps restore the disturbed metabolic healing viburnum berries 1 tbspberries pour boiling water (250 ml), sealed and insist 2 hours.Drink within 2-3 weeks, ½

cup 2 times a day.

infusion of walnut leaves drink after every meal, ½ cup within 10 days.2 tspchopped leaves pour a glass of boiling water, cover, wrap up and leave for an hour, then strain and use.

diet for metabolic disorders

If metabolic holds extra weight should follow a diet in which there is little simple carbohydrates and animal fats and protein - especially vegetable - a few more than usual.Thus it is necessary to substantially reduce the intake of salt, spicy and hot spices and dishes to reduce the amount of liquid - in addition to clean water and fiber content in the diet increased.The products should be boiled, including steam, bake and cook, but pureed, chopped and fried foods are not desirable - the stomach has to learn to work normally.Instead of consuming sugar substitutes - such as stevia;eat honey, dried fruits and jam - in small quantities.

bread can eat about 150 grams per day: wheat and rye flour from the rough or protein-protein-bran and wheat.Better prepare vegetarian soups: beetroot, cabbage soup, hash, with cereals, potatoes and various vegetables, mushrooms, but twice a week, you can cook the meat or fish soup, on the low-fat broth with meatballs - vegetables in this soup is also required.2-3 times a week - boiled, stewed or roasted piece of meat: lamb and lean pork, turkey, chicken, rabbit, lean beef and veal.Fish is best to eat the sea, if desired, can be up to 200 grams per day - baked or boiled;instead you can eat seafood.

Metabolic disorders in the body

Dairy products and milk can be used daily, the cream - lean - to add a little to the dish;cottage to choose not more than 9% fat;low-fat, non-sharp cheese - a little.Eggs - 2-3 times a week, in the form of omelets, hard-boiled or soft-boiled.

porridge can be eaten if it replaces grain - barley, oats, barley, buckwheat.From fat - butter and vegetable oil.

all vegetables are good, but better more raw: it turnips, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, sprouts of all kinds;They are followed by carrots, beets, green peas, and potatoes should be restricted.

Fruits and berries are eaten raw, roasted, in the form of compotes, mousses, jellies;also drink fruit, berry and vegetable juices without sugar.Among other beverages black and green tea, coffee (you can with milk) - without sugar.

Sample menu for the day might be: for breakfast - a salad of fresh vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese and tea;2nd breakfast - apple;lunch - ½ dish vegetarian cabbage soup with sour cream, boiled meat with sauerkraut, stewed fruit without sugar.Snack - low-fat cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream;Dinner - vegetable stew with boiled fish, green tea.Before going to bed you can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.