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Holidays at the seaside resorts and Australia

In Australia, a lot of interesting , but the coastline attracts tourists most of all - especially diving enthusiasts from around the world.After all, such a miracle, like the Great Barrier Reef, there is no longer anywhere: marine life here is unique, fabulously rich and very beautiful - marine animals and plants in these areas has gathered a great many.As for surfing in Australia without a few people imagine the rest of the sea - it is considered something of a national sport, and in every city there are special schools and clubs - competitions are held in different places almost all year round.


Besides the Great Barrier Reef, a popular resort of the Gold Coast.There are three main resort areas: Main Beach for lovers of expensive shops "service for upper class" and gourmet cuisine;Surfers Paradise with huge waves - too expensive a place with a modern infrastructure, known as a paradise for surfers;Broad Beach considered

more peaceful place - is easier to stay, and the price is affordable, but in this area is the largest shopping center and casino.It is worth noting that, wherever you are bathed in Australia, swim too far away is not necessary - the strong waves really are dangerous.

Nature, Cities Australian

On the continent, many attractions, but at the center of the country, in the Red Desert, visit it is necessary: ​​to see the sacred mountain of Ayers Rock - Uluru in the Aboriginal language, and visit Alice Springs with alladjacent natural wonders - they say that this is the real Australia.It is in the middle of the desert at night, you can see the stars without interference, as man-made lights around there at all - it is often used amateur astronomers.

the north of the country is the city of Darwin - in its vicinity are the most beautiful natural parks.The climate is tropical, hot - around 30 ° C all year;especially famous Kakadu National Park, about half of the territory of which is owned by Aboriginal people - they live there for almost 40 thousand years.The park flora and fauna is very diverse: some 1,600 species of plants, birds - about 280, and more than 60 species of mammals alone, not including fish, reptiles and thousands of insects.

As already mentioned, the country's population is concentrated mainly in the cities - perhaps, in this sense, too, Australia is unique.But Australian cities are different from European and American cities, noisy and dynamic, bustling with residents: they have a lot of green areas and native animals can be seen not only in parks but also on the streets of the city - there is normal.Preserved historical buildings cities: modern skyscrapers can build just inside the old buildings, the walls of which are carefully preserved - it often fascinates tourists.

capital of Australia - Canberra, but the largest city - Sydney : its population in number than the population of the capital of more than 13 times.However, Canberra is the largest "internal" town, while Sydney is located on the coast, and over 30-plus years - has long been referred to as "card" of the country.Who does not know the Sydney Opera House - the unique architecture of the building with a roof like a big shell or the sails of ships pioneers who came to the shores of the southern continent in the early XVII century?Seeing him in the TV, in a magazine or just the image, anyone will understand that we are talking about Australia , although still in the middle of the last century, this building was not in Sydney.


worthy of attention and Brisbane - the capital of Queensland, one of the richest Australian states, but it is usually "fly" quickly, hurrying to the nearby famous resort Gold Coast each year receives millions of tourists.

worth visiting in Melbourne - the second largest city in the country, and the south "Millionaire" - it is home to about 5 million. Man;in Perth, among the top ten most liveable cities in the world;Adelaide, where it is very easy to navigate - a city plan developed in 1836 by its founder William Light, like a grid with centrally located squares and parks - are arranged a lot of holidays and festivals devoted to art, dance, sports, wine and other achievements.

impossible to mention all the wonders of Australia, and there is also Tasmania - the state with the smallest territory, but very interesting.The island is separated from the mainland by a 240-kilometer strait, called "fragments of paradise": it attracts tourists almost untouched nature, the beauty of the mountains and hills, an abundance of flora and fauna, including underwater - local "salmon" fishing is considered one of the best inworld.

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