Bindweed (decorative birch).

Photo: bindweed

Factors of growth and development

bindweed bindweed is unpretentious and does not require special attention to his own person.Nevertheless, it should adhere to certain rules in the creation of favorable conditions for plant maintenance.

  • lighting mode
    bindweed loves the sun, well-lit place.For this reason, pritenyat it even in the hottest days there is no need.Especially because the sun Exotic much more abundant and better blooms, the reproductive organs are more brightly colored corolla.
  • temperature regime
    This figure is also of great importance.Bindweed can withstand relatively high temperature, freezing, too, it carries a lot of ease.
  • Humidity
    High levels of water vapor in the atmosphere around the flower is not required - bindweed and low bad feeling.In principle, it is the culture of only one irrigation without spraying.But the leaves of the potted form of dust cleaned from time to time does not hurt.
  • as a substrate and a pot
    About container for indoor bind
    weed species mentioned above.Garden varieties are grown in the open ground in the garden.By flower soil does not impose serious requirements, but would be very grateful if you put it in ordinary garden loam or substrate.
Photo: bindweed

Growing and bindweed flowers in the garden under

main measures envisaged in the process of cultivation bindweed is watering.Here the flower is quite demanding and capricious.Watering should be sufficient, regular, without gaps.The deficit of moisture in the soil leads to the collapse of the buds, the surplus - to new reproductive organs in smaller amounts.

Convolvulus tricolor drought-resistant, so to supply moisture substrate beneath it should be in a moderate mode without fanaticism.A creeper Moorish loves constant light soil moisture, so here produces abundant watering.To bloom was lush, you must promptly remove the faded flower buds.In autumn and winter watering is not necessary, as it dies.

Feeding - the second most important procedure prescribed in the process of cultivation of vines.After irrigation water intended for moistening the soil for flower enrich complex fertilizers.In addition, twice a month substrate introduced phosphorous and potassium fertilizer.Nitrogen contraindicated plant as contribute to the oppression of the flowering process.Excessive fertilizing harm culture - she may cease to bloom, but the foliage will be greater than the former.

Pruning vines not required .On the contrary, every grower is interested in the growth of its green pet.

replanting little exercise, because culture does not tolerate the procedure.It is more about the flora room.

Propagation bindweed several ways : dividing rhizomes, seeds, cuttings, root suckers.Ideal - seed reproduction.Produce it in early spring.In March, the seeds are sown in the soil for the seedlings in mid-spring.To seeds hatch, must be regularly watered seedlings future (twice a week), keep them under the film and often ventilate.Appeared seedlings dive.

bindweed - poisonous plant .Perhaps that is why insects are not at risk to feast on them.Among the diseases in the crop may be mildew.Prevention consists of regular spraying plants with water.In advanced cases, the need to use fungicides.

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