Black tea: properties and benefits.

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Included in the vitamin P bioflavonoids strengthen our immune system, increasing the protection against infections - they have antibacterial activity;The antioxidant activity of other bioflavonoids - e.g., quercetin, provides protection of cells from cancer - regular use of good black tea may even slow down the pathological process of blood cancer and breast cancer.

Influenced bioflavonoids in the body stops producing substances that trigger allergic reactions, so the black tea relieves allergic swelling and eases asthma.

I must say that the content of vitamin P black tea is one of the leading positions: it it is much more than in buckwheat and buckwheat long been considered one of its main sources.Drinking 2-3 cups a day properly brewed tea, we get the daily requirement of vitamin R.

Vitamin K is also important for us - it provides normal blood clotting, and black tea he also is;essential oils, which in case of too much, have on our nervous system calming ef

fect.The most amazing properties of tea - that's what he tones and soothing at the same time: no wonder they say - "drink tea and calm down" or "drink tea, cheer up!" - And then, and more true.

Nowadays, many people prefer tea, coffee - it seems that the best coffee tones and invigorates.In fact, a cup of coffee can contain 1.5-2 times the alkaloid caffeine than the same amount of black tea , but the effect of coffee appears very quickly, and also decreases rapidly, but the action of tea stretched over time, "tea"Caffeine is absorbed slowly, and excreted from the body more slowly.

properties of black tea

the whole of black tea can say that it has many medicinal properties, which few people know, for example, not everyone knows that the rather weak black tea lowers high blood pressure, but its beneficialthe impact on the stomach is known to many.When poisoning with drugs, chemicals or alcohol makes a strong black tea with sugar diluted with milk - it is able to even reduce the effects of radiation exposure.

Antibacterial properties of black tea neutralize pathogens of many diseases - dermal, ocular, intestinal, and others. For example, washing the fresh infusion of black tea always helps with conjunctivitis, if you start to use it at the time, at the first sign of disease;drinking strong tea helps to have a few hours to stop the diarrhea, even when other means prove ineffective.

infections of the mouth - stomatitis, etc. - Excellent treated black tea, and teeth he also benefits: it contains fluoride, which strengthens tooth enamel.

Eventually, black tea with honey or raspberry - excellent antipyretic when colds and flu: it was about something everyone knows, however, when it comes to the benefits of tea, for some reason, did not immediately remember.

Black tea

How to brew black tea

All of the above medicinal properties of tea and its health effects on the body are stored only if its correct use.First of all, black tea need to learn how to brew - it's not such a simple process as it seems, although nothing complicated about it either.

Maker intended for brewing, it is necessary to wash clean, rinse with water and dry.The water for the tea boiled on low heat - no need to top up the water in the kettle with the remaining boiling water - fresh must be all the water as soon as the water starts to boil - slightly cloudy, whitens and form small bubbles, tea should be removed from the stove and wait - water should be coolat least up to 65 ° C.

dried tea brewing fresh rinse 3-4 times with boiling water and put in a dry leaf black tea - many spoons, how many cups it includes, and add another 1 spoon.For example, if the volume of the kettle - 5 cups of water, it must put 6 teaspoonstea - a fortress at that rate will average tea.Do not be quick to pour boiling water over the tea - let him lie down in the kettle for about a minute, and only then pour water into the kettle at a temperature of about 63 ° C, quickly cover it with a lid and cover with a cloth - the nose should also be covered.Insist quality black tea can be no more than 5 minutes: about 3 minutes wipe clean, open the lid and top up the hot water so that the water just short of cover;then close the lid and tea towel again, and after 2 minutes of boiling water is poured to the brim.This method of filling can slow the process of cooling water in the kettle.

During this process, usually at tea appears Foam: shoot it is not necessary - it is in this concentrated all the useful and valuable, so it is better to let it fall into the cup - that was enough to all the scum you just stir in a teapotspoon.

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