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Castle of St. George - the oldest building in the city , preserved since the reign of the Roman Empire - finish building it in the Middle Ages, when wars were fought constantly, and now it looks more like a military fortress.

old center attracts the most tourists to inspect it comfortably from special buses - double-decker, in London.In the Tagus River is a statue of Christ - exactly the same as in Brazil: it stands on the highest hill - established it in 1959, in gratitude for the fact that Portugal has passed the Second World War.

second largest city - Porto also full of attractions - especially churches and museums, but its old center it is easy to get around on foot - start inspection is recommended to Se Cathedral, built in the XII century on a hill.

elite alcohol art lovers will be interested to know what Porto let a real port - name of the drink comes from the name of the city.

Resorts Portugal

tell about the Portuguese cities need to separately, but in

the country, and many other interesting places.More often talk about three places where necessary should visit: a province of the Algarve, Madeira and the Azores - all these wonderful resorts.


Algarve known as the "Pearl of the Atlantic": it is a developing resort, and there are hundreds of kilometers of beautiful beaches - in Europe, the Algarve is considered one of the most prestigious places to stay.It is perfectly clean, and the climate is very mild: even in the summer heat is not strong - you can rest easy with young children.Holidays in the Algarve - is not only beaches and swimming, but also a lot of entertainment and walks - both water and land.Architectural monuments preserved from the times of the Phoenicians colonized these lands in the III-II century BC, and numerous excursions can walk with a Russian guide - hence it is easy to travel to Spain and Morocco.

Island of Madeira in the Atlantic is also famous - it is considered the most beautiful and the most respectable resorts here.The service level is so high that celebrities tend to rest right here: Madeira lot of top class hotels, entertainment venues, private clubs, and local cuisine, as well as the famous Madeira wine is known all over the world dishes of fresh vegetables, fruit and seafood.

I must say that the island is almost no familiar beaches of golden sand, and generally bathing bit: rocky beaches - such as Formosa and the sea floor is covered with pebbles instead of sand.It is considered the most comfortable beaches of volcanic origin: the bottom of their firm, and there is a small natural lava walls - something they resemble large bath.Move convenient - in the frozen lava arranged steps.If

beaches in Madeira is small, the amazing beauty of the natural landscape as much as necessary - come here are those who love hiking over rough terrain in the open air.You can walk in the fern groves, cypress forests and thickets of bamboo, to admire the mountains, clear streams and waterfalls, climb to the caves - dangerous animals on the island is not.

Roughly the same can be said about the Azores.Fans of chocolate tan and sunny beaches here do not go as well as those who are accustomed to a luxury hotel with elegant interiors - Azores does not attract it.But for people who want a break from the civilized world, there is a real paradise: almost untouched nature and natural food products prepared according to home recipes.In the Azores since the 90s of XX century thriving eco-tourism, and many beach areas we have received from the Foundation for Environmental Education blue flag.

In Portugal, at a very small area, there is everything that we have lacked in our vast country: the mild climate and comfortable resorts, pristine and well-protected nature, friendly and easygoing people, a lot of cultural and historical monuments and excellent cuisine - sonot worth the long delayed journey.

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