Bee glue is called a natural antibiotic.But everyone knows that bacteria and viruses mutate, adapting to any medicine.Over time, they acquire the genetic code of the antibiotic, and the drug becomes food for them.However, there are no bacteria that could adjust to propolis.Scientists have conducted a lot of research, but have received only negative results.

propolis has powerful antiseptic properties.It quickly and effectively destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi.Sometimes the mouse climb into beehives to eat the larvae or honey.Then the bees kill her mouse poison and cover it with propolis.Why do they do it?The fact that the mouse is too large, the bees can not pull it out of the hive.A dead animal after a while begins to decompose, infecting the atmosphere in the hive.But propolis reliably mummified body of a rodent, not allowing to develop the process of decay.

Propolis - a source of flavonoids , have anti-inflammatory properties.They help in case of problems with the skin, joints, and mucous mem

branes.They allow you to strengthen the connective tissue and blood vessels.Besides flavonoids prevent decomposition of vitamin C, reducing the activity of some enzymes, substances that cause destruction of cartilage, and interstitial tissues.Flavonoid O-methyl-transferase contributes to an optimal waste andrelanila in extreme situations.Also in propolis contains flavonoids eriodiktol.Carrying out experiments on animals, the researchers found that this substance reduces pulmonary failure after thermal damage to the respiratory tract.

in medicine since ancient times, propolis is used as an anesthetic.An alcoholic extract of bee glue leads to the mucous eye completely insensitive.And by adding a small amount of bee glue solution to a solution of cocaine, can increase the analgesic effect of cocaine 14 times.

course, propolis is highly regarded for its ability to quickly and efficiently kill viruses and bacteria.About this property is written many scientific papers.In traditional medicine, alcohol tincture of propolis is considered the best remedy for all inflammatory processes.

Treatment of propolis

Apply propolis from different diseases.Of course, this material is used as supplementary to the basic treatment.And about the treatment of propolis should consult a doctor.But the centuries-old experience confirms the fact that bee glue copes with various diseases - stomach ulcers, hemorrhoids, cervical erosion, acne, periungual inflammation, varicose veins, pressure ulcers, inflammation of the tonsils, psoriasis, etc.

most commonly used alcohol tincture of propolis.For this propolis should be frozen in the freezer and divided into pieces of about 2-3 mm in diameter.This baby needed to sleep in clean glass container and pour a 96-percent solution of rubbing alcohol.If there is no alcohol, you can use a 40% high-quality vodka.At 10 grams of propolis usually take 100 ml of vodka or alcohol.Within 2 weeks a closed container should stand in a dark place at room temperature.During this period, the infusion should be shaken more often.Two weeks later, the infusion should be strain and pour into a glass container.It can be stored for years without loss of useful properties.

How to use propolis

  • Migraine. propolis tincture can be used in the treatment of migraine.Infuse it can be for a week, this will be enough for the healing properties.Take this remedy should be once a day 3-5 drops an hour before a meal.Diluting drops can be 50 ml of boiled water.After 3-4 weeks of migraine must retreat.If the disease is chronic, the treatment should be performed 2-3 times a year.
  • joint pain.If concerned rheumatic pains in the joints of hands and feet, propolis rolled into plate, heated and applied to the affected area.
  • Boils. To get rid of boils, you need to warm up as a piece of propolis and apply it to the affected area.After a while on the surface will boil pus.Overlay application of propolis should be as long as the inflammation is not completely subside.If you have a penchant for abrasions, can be carried out preventive courses of 10-12 days.Diluted in a glass of water a teaspoon of alcohol tinctures and taken orally every day.

It should be remembered that propolis - a powerful antibiotic.In the early days of its use may have different symptoms - diarrhea, deterioration of health, irritation in the mouth, etc.Therefore it is necessary to introduce propolis in the treatment gradually.While improving the state of health should reduce the dose of propolis.

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