interesting Vrieziya hieroglyphic.Its leaves also form a funnel-shaped outlet, fairly broad, strong, remnevidnye, curved, with pointed tips.Leaves "painted» V-shaped pattern of light yellow color on a dark green background.

among species, holders of green vegetative organs, dressed Vrieziya keeled.It is also Brazilian, occurs in two forms - terrestrial plant and epiphyte.20 tisantimetrovye broadly leaves collected in the outlet.They have a soft texture, painted in a pale green tint pattern denied.On a high, reaching 30 cm stalk develops a short inflorescence formed by yellow flowers with green tops on short stalks.There are also prisotsvetnye leaves with sharp keel, the tip of which is painted in yellow-green hue.Sami prisotsvetnye pink leaves.

Photo: vrieziya

Factors of growth and development vriezii

  • Lighting
    Vrieziya related to shade tolerance, so exotic undesirably exposed to direct sunlight.In particular it needs pritenenii species-holders variegated leaves and vegetative organs gree
    n hue, soft to the touch.
  • temperature regime
    Since vrieziya common in tropical and subtropical regions, it needs intensive thermal conditions - within reason.In the summer and spring, enough +24 + 26º, in the autumn-winter period, these figures should be reduced to + 18 + 22º.The temperature of the soil must be maintained around + 18º above.The lower limit is the same in the winter.Avoid sudden temperature changes throughout the year.
  • Humidity
    It has to be high, at least 70-80%.To do this, you need to plant in the summer every day to spray soft water and ensure that the outlet was constantly wet leaves room temperature.
  • Soil quality and container
    for planting vriezii use loose soil rich in peat.Composition substrate for preparing a mixture of soil can be used as follows: 1 hour. Garden soil, 1 hr. Sphagnum moss, 1 hr. The already mentioned peat slightly crushed charcoal.Required drainage layer at the bottom of a clay pot low, the most suitable for growing crops.It should be 1/3 of the height of the container.
Photo: vrieziya

Care vrieziey home

Vrieziyu should be watered regularly .And this applies to the period of the growing season, and to a resting phase, with the only difference being that in the winter and autumn soil moisture should be done in a moderate mode, and in the spring and summer to be sufficiently abundant.Watered vrieziyu soft, lukewarm water.For a long time the moisture evaporates from the substrate, it is recommended to seal the surface and sprinkle a layer of sphagnum.

vrieziyu Feed up throughout the growing season twice a month.Use for this purpose flower fertilizer weak concentration.

need a transplant a plant, if it is in when purchasing a special transport container.Culture in this case should be given a more spacious pot.The subsequent transplant is performed at the time of separation of child sockets.Soil composition is as follows: 4 hours. The turf, leaf soil and peat, 1 hr. Of sand, sphagnum moss, and shredded pine bark.

vriezii offspring of the offspring produced by breeding and seed.Recent sown in peat and sand.The temperature should be + 22 + 24º.It should be sprayed and aired future shoots.When the seeds hatch, make the pick.After 6 days seated.

offspring produce buds arising at the base of dead vriezii.They are separated by the roots and planted in the nutrient substrate under the film to take root.

Only two pests can attack vrieziyu: Jose scale and mealybug.They eliminate fungicide solution.Let your vrieziya and feels and looks great!

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