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Dreamboard Feng Shui : how to make maps and visualization desires.Where to place the card desires of feng shui

need to be engaged in rendering more than once, but always, as long as your desire is not fulfilled.Select a few free minutes in the morning or in the evening before going to sleep, to have no distractions and begin to visualize.

to your wish fulfilled after visualization forget it, let go of the Universe and trust that the universe will hear you.

Where to place the card desires of feng shui

The proper placement Dreamboard Feng Shui also depends on how quickly your dream become a reality.Well if the card desires to hang in your bedroom so that as soon as you wake up, your eyes fall on the card, thus you constantly feed your desires.If you can not hang your card desires in the bedroom, it can be done in the area of ​​wealth.But note that the map can see only your supporters.

Before the arrival of her guests have to clean up, so they do not ask unnecessary questions.After all, each person generates vibration, positive or negative.These vibrations can adversely affect the performance of your desi

res.His dream must be protected, and the surrounding let only see the result and wonder how you have achieved all this.

What to do if you wish to change

Everything in this life is changing, and your desires, too, can change.Something may not be fit in time, something went out of fashion, or simply lost its relevance.Therefore, if the house you no longer need or you want another house, just replace the old desire of the fact that you want at the moment.But this does not mean that you can change your desires every month.Firstly, because the universe could have prepared everything for you to get what you want and you have also changed your desire, then the universe would have re all ready to fulfill more your desire, and if you change it every month, then you are unlikelywill wait until a particular wish will be granted.

So before you start creating your Dreamboard , Feng Shui experts recommend all carefully consider and weigh.

If the universe has performed a particular desire, do not forget to thank her for it.Quite often, when all performed as desired, one thinks that it is in order.You will not feel the joy of what your desires are fulfilled.But this is not correct.Thank heavens, the universe, because they are favorable to you.But thanks to the need of the soul, from the heart, then the universe will send you even more benefits than you asked for.

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