Breathe better than puffing


Why autumn children get sick more often?

Autumn came, your child went to kindergarten or school.The transition from summer vacation to a strict regime of the day, a decrease of daylight and high loads impair the child's body.On the other hand, at any time near your child may be sneezing and wheezing peers or an adult, and, therefore, the baby would have to inhale with the air harmful viruses and bacteria.How is not infected ?!

Invisible protectors

child protection from colds and flu to help the essential oils of some plants (eucalyptus, juniper, mint, cloves, etc.).They have antiviral and antimicrobial effect.Rapidly evaporating, essential oils destroy harmful microorganisms in the environment and make it safe.When inhaled air, saturated with essential oils and disinfected airways - "entrance gate" of infection.Moreover, the essential oils will help to cope with the first signs of an approaching cold: mild nasal congestion, headache, fatigue.


tradition or innovation?

This method of protecti

on against colds and flu has long been used in the UK and other countries.And no wonder: the essential oils are safe, you can use them for "seasonal flu", they work always and everywhere.In Russian pharmacies oils too.They are available in different forms: drops, sprays, patches.Practical Mom will appreciate a drop, for example, oil Breathe.Drops can be used wherever you are, they slowly evaporate from the surface (and hence longer retain its beneficial properties), a bottle of drops can be put in a bag and always keep on hand.Spray Oil Breathe also convenient to use, especially for the disinfection of air throughout the apartment.


Breathe - it's easy!

Oil Breathe is designed specifically for use in the season of colds.Using them is easy: you can drop a little oil spray or splash on a napkin at a stuffed toy with which the baby sleeps or goes to kindergarten.Before the walk, apply oil to Breathe scarf or collar children's clothing.And in the kindergarten or the school your child will protect the handkerchief with a few drops of oil Breathe.

Apply oil can be several times a day, Breathe not addictive and mucosal irritation and allergies.Even under the most intensive use of one bottle of oil Breathe you have enough for 1-2 months.

Do not wait until the child begins to sniffle - use oil Breathe!