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Nepal - a country of ancient culture

general cultural and historical heritage in the country is very rich, but many people come here to enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas - the greatest and most beautiful mountains of the earth.In the mountains, too, can find a lot of famous shrines and on the way to them as much as necessary to admire the amazing Nepalese nature: the high snow-capped peaks and green valleys, fast-flowing rivers cold and dense jungle.It is the unique nature and culture is so attracted tourists to Nepal.Mountain trails are arranged set, and the place at which they are, can be attributed to the most picturesque in the world;besides adventure lovers enjoy rafting on kayaks on turbulent mountain rivers.

Of course, the cultural heritage of Nepal can not be ignored: The local unique religion and mythology is very rich - different ceremonies and rituals can be seen a great many, and even take part in them.In Nepal, many Buddhist temples, but there are ancient lo

cal beliefs related to the shamanistic rituals - for the Europeans is very unusual.

most famous cities and sights

Nepal - a country where the person seems that the sky is very close , and its capital city of Kathmandu - the ancient city, which arose in the VIII century - or even earlier - at the crossroads of major trade routes, striking traveleran abundance of Buddhist and Hindu monuments - many ancient temples and monasteries still operating.

general in Nepal, three major attractions and rich, each of which in its time was the capital of the country.

Kathmandu became the capital of the XVIII century, but over the past 100 years of architectural appearance has not changed much: the streets are narrow, so many different churches and architecture of the houses is also different.Near there is also the former capital of Nepal - Lalitpur: sometimes it seems that the city almost merge with each other - one ends and the other begins.From the most interesting may be noted temples built in the III century BC- They are in the capital a little, and the Shiva temple - or rather, of the XIII century temple complex of Pashupatinath, where there is always a crowd of pilgrims and tourists.In the Kathmandu valley many monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Kumari Temple is worth a visit certainly : it lives living goddess, and the whole Nepal worships her - until then, until she reaches puberty.Terms rigorous selection: selected little girls from 3 years of a certain caste, according to certain parameters - they rarely communicate with their families, do not attend school and did not even touch the ground - they are transferred into a gold palanquins.However, in recent years girls goddesses began to train special teachers;after the end of their mission they receive large salaries, and can choose any education, but get used to normal life it still is not easy.

in Lalitpur, the former capital of the XVIII century, too many unique attractions - such as the Temple of a Thousand Buddhas with unique architecture, or a Buddhist monastery where all the crowned rulers of Nepal.


Bhaktapur was the capital until the XVII century - the city is more Hindu than other cities in Nepal - it is not very big, but there's also a lot of unique palaces and temples, and still is sacred ponds.

In Nepal and resorts are popular Pokhara, pretty well the equipped to receive tourists.There are many comfortable hotels that are rich in a wide variety of shops and restaurants, but there is something to see - the temples, stupas, monasteries, sacred caves, lakes and waterfalls.The mountain panorama is amazingly beautiful - is something for which most of the tourists coming here, lovers of trekking - the so called sports tourism, which is a group hiking on rough terrain with not too difficult terrain.

In the south, there is one unique city - Lumbini, famous for the fact that here in the VI century BCborn founder of the oldest of the three major religions of the world - the Buddha Sakyamuni.For Buddhists, Lumbini has roughly the same meaning for the Christians of Bethlehem.

In Nepal, many beautiful events and festivals, and they are held at any time of year, so it's always there, where to go and what to see.However, most other institutions and even shops are closed at this time - especially in small cities.Nepal - a country of adventure and spiritual development, and they come here not everything: It is said that Nepal needed to "grow", but those who once visited here with a purpose, seeking to return.Hear about Nepal disparaging review can be extremely rare, and not just from those who are not yet ready for his eternal and majestic beauty.

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