Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis): planting and care

growth and development of wisteria

course Wisteria requires certain conditions, and your job as a florist - to ensure their culture to the maximum.

  • light mode.
    Wisteria - plant photophilous .Despite this, culture is recommended to include / cultivated in a place where there is all day long to a greater extent penumbra.Scattered light can be achieved, pritenit windows in a room with wisteria, if exotic is all year round in the building or greenhouse, rather than in the open field outside the apartment.It allowed a small amount of direct sunlight, so the best place for wisteria - southern sector.
  • temperature.
    Fancy beautiful wisteria refers to winter-hardy species.It withstands temperature decrease in winter to -20º.However, Chinese wisteria is still less stable in this respect than, say, its opponentka - wisteria pyshnotsvetnaya.Summer in the room with the plant should not be a draft.If the culture is planted in open ground, this place is bound to have protection from the winds.Too high temper
    ature for growing wisteria Chinese are not welcome.Winter minimum of + 10º.
  • Humidity.
    Wisteria needs average content in the atmosphere surrounding the plant water vapor.To this end, the culture periodically sprayed in the summer hot days more often than usual.Use a spray bottle and to defend the water.
  • substrate quality and capacity.
    Wisteria prefers fertile soil with plenty of humus and nutrients - mainly black earth and loam.Wetlands, as well as the substrate, rich in lime, the plant is strictly not suitable.In general, wisteria no special requirements to the quality of the soil.If you are going to contain the Wisteria room, take a container for planting crops are spacious enough - it is growing fast.It may be tubs, pots, pots.
Photo: Wisteria

Wisteria home

Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) needs constant moisture of the soil.Watering is recommended regularly in the summer, especially in hot days, often profusely.The same applies to the period of active growth.Drying earthen clod wisteria can not stand.

In mid-spring flowering culture, it is mandatory to dressing.Apply for this procedure, a special complex fertilizer liquid consistency: NPK + Me.In general, it is recommended feeding a few times per season.

Transplant culture be made as necessary.New soil must meet the following requirements: looseness, lightness, high water and air permeability, the presence of peat.The best time to transplant wisteria - spring.

To wisteria bloomed profusely, looked lush and healthy, it is necessary each year in late spring period to carry out pruning.She was subjected to last year's shoots of less than 30 cm.

second crop is made in August this year.Shoots in this period cut to 5 buds.The following spring, after the cover is removed - and wisteria in the winter be sure to cover the film, if it is growing in the garden - and shoots tied up to a support, last year's increase of shortened a few more buds.In keeping with this simple circuit trimming, you will certainly achieve a lush flowering wisteria.

Now for reproduction.Progeny of Wisteria sinensis possible to obtain seeding, rooting cuttings, followed by the method strains.The most effective rooting cuttings, as the latter quickly take root, and also the method of horizontal layers.Experts recommend two ways of reproduction, with almost one hundred percent guarantee of achieving the desired results: this high-quality grafting and planting material.

to the likelihood of problems in the cultivation of flowering wisteria can be attributed perhaps that lack of moisture.Pest wisteria hardly affected.

Photo: Wisteria