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Talisman Feng Shui - Chinese unicorn : the purpose of the amulet , and the activation of the myth of the mascot " Chinese unicorn "

But in fact, the first time you saw a unicorn in India.There he described how Red Heads horse with black or white twisted horn.The Indian people he embodied the spiritual wealth.In those days, it was a unicorn and a destroyer and creator.Much later he became there in Babylon, Tibet, Greece, and then in China.In the West, it learned only in the Middle Ages.

In Babylon, the animal depicted with horns and wings.He was a symbol of the moon and the virgin goddess.

In Tibet, a unicorn called Se-py.It is a two animals - gazelle and deer, who live on the mountain tops.Unicorn is a kind of rope that connects heaven and earth, light and dark forces.This mythical animal in Tibet also symbolizes inner peace, integrity and education.He is like the morning star, will show the way to people who want to gain wisdom.Hawaiian monasteries, namely on their pediments adorn two unicorn who spin the wheel of the Dharma.

Unicorn has always symbolized the strength and power that conquers darkness and maintains a balance in

the universe.

The legend of the unicorn mascot of feng shui

Qi Lin - is the name of the Chinese unicorn, which means the union of masculine and feminine, the union of two of Qi energy.At the unicorn's body is covered with scales and armor, instead of legs, cow hooves, and behind a lion's tail.

In ancient times, Chinese people believed that the unicorn - one of the sons of the dragon, which was nine pieces.Unicorn is able to distinguish between good and evil.In life, the unicorn loves solitude, so the unicorn mascot should be a single instance.

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