Carbonated drinks: the harm and contraindications

There are drinks, which is used as a sweetener plant components, - sorbitol, xylitol and fructose.They are completely harmless, but high in calories.Therefore, if you are not afraid of overweight, you can drink lemonade with sugar and natural sweeteners.

taste and smell of carbonated drinks

As part of carbonated drinks often point codes starting with the letter "E» .Some of them, as we already know, means sweeteners, and the rest - flavor enhancers, preservatives, acidity regulators, flavors and colors.The more all sorts of "E" in the drink, the more harmful it is.Also pay attention to the item "flavorings".They may be identical only the smell, but they have a negative effect on the liver.If you are looking for a friendly drink, it is worth looking at where in the composition of said plant extracts and natural flavors.This soda is more expensive, but will bring less harm.

acids and caffeine

as acidity regulators often use acid - citric acid (E330), phosphoric (E 338) and apple (£ 296).Any acid d

amages the body - it spoils the tooth enamel, causing tooth decay, and leaches calcium from the bones.Increasing acidity in the stomach can also cause digestive disorders and promotes the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

very harmful caffeine as part of carbonated beverages.It causes temporary body in tone, but the effect is very fast runs, and it is replaced by lethargy and drowsiness.Also, frequent use of caffeine is an enormous burden on the heart and circulatory system.

As can be seen, mostly sodas are unhealthy .Perhaps, among harmless still mineral water and soft drinks made from vegetable ingredients.

Carbonated beverages

The basis of any soda is water.Therefore, during the production of the drink special requirements to its quality.Global manufacturers see to it that their water plants undergo rigorous, multi-step purification.After all, the quality of the liquid affects the taste of the drink, its aroma and, of course, the health of the purchaser.First, remove all the water from the small particles.After all the impurities eliminated, it becomes perfectly clear.This is the first stage of filtration.

Then the water passes several treatment stages, until its properties will not meet all the requirements and standards.The very last stage - the passage of water through a carbon filter.This procedure removes most small particles and even microbes and bacteria.Thanks to the water acquires excellent taste and aromatic properties.To remove the particles of coal, accidentally fell into the water, it is further carried out through a polishing filter.Thereafter, water may be used for preparing any drink.

next important ingredient lemonade - a syrup.It is he who gives a unique taste and aroma of the drink.Each company has its own unique recipe of syrup.Global manufacturers, with branches in hundreds of countries, sent concentrate in sealed containers so no one can know the secret formula.

Ready concentrate is mixed with a white sugar syrup in the blending room.And the finished mixture is sent to the shop, where the direct production of lemonade.But before that, the syrup must pass quality check in a specialized laboratory.He must not only meet the domestic requirements of the manufacturer, but also international standards.

The shop spill into the water injected carbon dioxide, mixed it with syrup and bottled.After that all products are subject to the control system.Bottles with a wry glued labels with incomplete filling or overflow lemonade go into marriage.

Contraindications for carbonated beverages

Despite the recommendations, the majority of people in all countries continue to drink sodas .But there are groups of people who are contraindicated soda.You can not drink it for those who have chronic diseases of the digestive system (stomach ulcer, gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, etc.).The fact that carbon dioxide irritates the mucous membrane of the internal organs, which may cause aggravation of the disease.Even curative mineral water you can drink only after most of the gas will come out of it.Doctors recommend not to give soft drinks to children under 3 years old, do not drink them, and the elderly.Lemonade contraindicated for people suffering from obesity, diabetes and allergies.Also, if you have a weak liver or kidneys should refrain from soda or you can find a drink, made with natural ingredients.