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Cambodian cultural heritage is not completely preserved - was particularly devastating period "Khmer Rouge", but to this day is still "has reached" a lot of values.


Angkor was difficult to destroy - this huge temple complex in the IX century was the capital of the Khmer state, and today it is visited by almost every tourist who arrived in Cambodia.Angkor Bat known more than the other buildings - a total of about a hundred, and they are all included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.That's temples are the major attractions in Cambodia, but also in the local nature is an amazing place, very worthy of attention.

In western Cambodia, Tonle Sap Lake - the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia.It is rather dull, and is famous for being very strongly can change its area, the spill on 16 thousand sq. in the rainy season, and decreasing to 2.5 thousand sq. during the dry season.This natural landmark attracts tourists with its unusual:

here in the biosphere reserve is home to many species of wading birds and beasts.Biosphere reserves are those where the animals are not only protected, but also studied and constantly monitored environment.

in the Tonle Sap lake and today a lot of fish, but in earlier times it is simply swarming with it, and many locals still earn their living from fishing.People here spend most of his life on the water, and a child can not hold the paddle: here everything is floating - cafes and bars, restaurants and shops, schools, hospitals, police stations and gas stations.

Royal Ballet - it is something without which does not do holiday in Cambodia.This ballet is unusual in that it uses the traditions of the medieval dance of the period of Angkor culture - formerly known as Siamese ballet.Performances are based on the ancient Indian, Thai and Javanese dances;this art is often endangered, but he managed to keep, and now, along with traditional subjects in dance began to make modern elements.

holiday in the resort of Cambodia

Resorts Cambodia is not as developed as in other South Asian countries , but they are developing, and also different amazing natural purity.For example, in Sihanoukville, other than pure water, rich vegetation and golden beaches, there is a modern, comfortable hotel - with three, four and five "stars", but if you want you can rent a comfortable bungalow.

Resort Kep was very popular in the 1st half of the last century - are resting rich French and Cambodians, but Rouge is very much was destroyed and abandoned.Now you can see many abandoned and dilapidated French villas - half the jungle swallowed them, but some of the buildings are still standing and in use.

Beaches in Kep are not like in Sihanoukville - they are a lot of black rocks, but there are sandy - mostly in the islands, which it is easy to get on a small boat.There, in shallow water, you can find many amazing animals, plants and corals - you can even own hunt for crabs, and then ask them to cook right on the beach.

tourists here is not so much, but the skipper is reborn, and soon again become famous and prosperous resort.

Currently, Cambodia can not be called a paradise for tourists, but it is very interesting and attractive, and you can talk about it for a long time - many who have been there say that this country is "mesmerizing" traveler.

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