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Talisman Feng Shui - Chinese Phoenix: value and activation mascot.

Image Phoenix can hang in the living room, and even in the office.But in the bedroom it can not hang, it will lead to an increase in activity, you will torment insomnia, and you can not relax at night.

myth of the Phoenix

Legend has it that when Phoenix went down to the ground, people considered it a good sign.This meant that in the sky came the calm and peace.This bird is always accompanied by prosperity and peace.In Chinese legend it is very common to see mention of a phoenix.

Ancestor, or translated into ancient Chinese - Fuxi, especially for the birds make music to Phoenix often descended on our land and bring peace.

In the Middle Ages, people believed that if a pregnant woman in a dream dream of a bird - Phoenix, she will give birth to an illustrious son.

In Chinese mythology, the Phoenix was considered mystical and the fiery bird, it was compared with the bird Phoenix from the Western fairy tales.But the image of the Chinese phoenix is ​​not like the look of European bird Phoenix.

Chinese Phoenix means - Feng Huang.This name comes from the word feng "wind" and "Juan" - the name of the crest of the bird Phoenix.Its crest resembles the rising sun and its rays.In ancient times, the name interpreted differently, hair meant male, and Juan - female.

In Chinese art image of a bird Phoenix became popular in the era of Shang - yin.Since then extant plurality of vessels with the image of this wonderful bird, trays and various bronze utensils.Then it shows how a bird with big eyes, beautiful fluffy tail and crest like a trident on a long stick.

Phoenix Bird-known both in China and worldwide for its immortality.The Chinese believe that when Phoenix feels death approaching, she flies into the desert, and there is singing in the morning until late at night.Singing this wonderful bird melodious and unique, it fascinates all, without exception, whether human or animal.Then Phoenix a fire and jumps into it to burn without residue.But after three days, she again reborn from its ashes, filled with powerful new energy and strength.

This talisman helps people in a very complex and difficult situations when it seems that everything is hopelessly bad.Talisman Phoenix teaches people to cope with difficulties, to show independence, independence and out of any difficulties winner.Some people with this mascot are able to predict events and destiny.

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