Verbena: care at home.

Verbena Canadian .She had the baby: only 20 cm from the ground.He is the owner of openwork leaves, whose location on the tetrahedral stalk in pairs, and flowers painted in purple, pink or white color.

Verbena tough .Surround plant, looking like a small shrub.Its characteristic features: elongated leaves with serrated edges, small inflorescences with flowers purple or blue hue.

Conditions of the plant verbena Verbena

regardless of the type - unpretentious culture .Her whims are unusual, but the plant requires some attention to itself in terms of the specific conditions of his detention.

  • lighting mode.
    graceful beauty best grows and develops in a sunny location, where access to the rays of the luminaries of the day is not limited.In hot days, when the sun shines and warms just unbearable, it is recommended pritenyat culture of white cloth.In the shadow to grow verbena is not necessary, although it is quite tolerant flower.
  • temperature.
    Verbena - heat-loving plant, but it does not mean that
    she is delighted with the furious heat.The optimum temperature for the summer flowers are in the range of + 20 + 28º.Minor fluctuations in their permissible.From October until the beginning of spring plant should ensure that the content at room temperature, for a period of rest.In March, it is recommended to gradually increase the temperature of the air to a culture accustomed to the heat mode.
  • Humidity.
    Spraying vervain is not required.Reason: it is drought-resistant crops.
  • Pot and the quality of the substrate.
    about the kinds of containers for planting ornamental beauty mentioned above.This hanging pots.You can use pots.However, most often planted verbena in the garden under the open sky.Good as a substrate for a highly flower loam.It is recommended that the bottom of the tank to arrange a drainage layer of brick chips.
Photo: Verbena

Care verbena home

Verbena does not need abundant watering .The main thing for her is to carry out regular soil moisture and moderate regime.Welcomed the bottom watering, the top should be avoided.That means lower?Pot vervain put in a pan with water and kept as long as the upper layer of soil is wetted.Since mid-July the frequency of water treatments reduced.

feed the plants with complex mineral fertilizer every two weeks.Organic fertilizers will also benefit the vervain, but there should not lose a sense of proportion: once during the season is more than enough.You can no longer, as in view of the saturation of the soil with nitrogen verbena is in its development to focus on a lot of green foliage.

plants need pruning, but make the operation very often.However, this procedure - a good assistant in the creation of floral arrangements, this does not take away from her.

Transplanted verbena as needed.It is unlikely that such arise, because the root system is compact flower.If you still need to change, use rich with minerals, fertile, loose soil.

Blossoms from May to October.So long that period may be faded if the buds promptly removed.

Propagated by seeds and cuttings verbena .Seeds are distributed over the surface of the substrate at a soil temperature + 25º.After a couple of days, they hatch a week later sprout.Cuttings produce so: the autumn harvest apical shoots with 4-6 pairs of leaves rooted in a mixture of sand and peat.

Verbena seldom under attack pests.Hibernates it in a cool place.To do this, dig up flower surround clods until frost.Follow all recommendations for growing marigolds, and she will reward you with its beauty!