PUFAs protect our blood vessels, preventing the development of atherosclerosis - a disease that is now much "younger".If before talking about atherosclerosis older people today are concerned about this middle-aged people - those who are vital activity and performance.Some doctors say that people, whose age has passed for 40, it is necessary to eat more seafood and sea fish, but to wait until 40 years is hardly worth: Better get used to seafood from an early age, so that adults should learn how to cook them for yourself andtheir children as often as possible.

Calorie Seafood

Seafood protect us from the accumulation of excess weight .For example, if you compare them with beef, which many nutritionists believe diet of meat, they will not only taste better (though it depends on taste preferences), but also useful: calorie veal - about 290 calories per 100 grams, while the squid, shrimp and mussels - only about 70-85 calories and fat they contain from 0.3 to 3 g

Seafood also is called "the food

of the intellect» , and this applies not only to the marine animals, butto plants.It is known that they are rich in iodine and affordable it can be considered a natural source of laminaria: you can buy in any store, and it is inexpensive.

Benefits and iodine deficiency is being actively discussed by scientists and doctors, as well as the supporters of healthy way of life: doctors, for example, is recommended to consume it as part of pharmaceutical preparations and iodized salt, but in this form of the body is not so easy to him to learn andwith a deficiency of iodine person gets tired quickly, and his brain begins to "blunt" with difficulty perceiving even simple information.So people find it difficult to learn and to work, and often suffer from iodine deficiency teenagers: the body is growing rapidly, and it needs food, and it is sorely lacking.For pregnant women the iodine deficiency can be a real tragedy: the brain of a child can not be formed simply not workable and underdeveloped, with irreversible changes that have already anything it is impossible to fix.

So seaweed, shellfish, crustaceans and marine fish in the diet of pregnant women should be present necessarily, nothing complicated about it.

seafood are also rich in copper and zinc , which are necessary for the body to normalize metabolism, hormone production, formation of immune system cells, germ cells, the processing of protein and other important vital processes.

important feature of almost all seafood is its ability to reduce the impact of emotional overload: not in vain in the countries situated on the coast, the population differs calmness and kindness, steadiness and optimism - not the last role is played here by the diet.

And of course, all interested seafood influence on sexual activity : since ancient times, they are considered a strong aphrodisiac - they have a lot of selenium, zinc, and other substances that help the male body to produce testosterone.

About Casanova many legends, and you can often hear or read that seafood he loved: in particular, eating oysters dozens, going on a romantic date, and even drank their champagne.Given that oysters and champagne used to be a few others, and in any case to repeat such experiments are not recommended: a fairly small portion of salad from fresh seafood to get the perfect result and avoid the dangers that threaten the reception of modern advertised drugs - by the way, seafooduseful in this regard and women.

Harm Seafood

And whether seafood harm, and whether there are contraindications to their use?Can be harmful seafood , are caught in the waters of environmentally unfriendly, and such places in the world is becoming more and more.In addition to pollution caused by oil spills and dumping of industrial and household waste in the ocean a lot of places where there is radioactivity, and the inhabitants of the sea swim and live anywhere.

buy the best freshly caught seafood or frozen : canned preserved in little useful, and besides, they often have too many food additives;vacuum-packed products may also contain chemical substances.Frozen seafood , if they were frozen fresh enough, its beneficial properties are preserved almost completely, but much depends on the storage: if the product is not stored properly, its quality can rapidly deteriorate.

contraindications to the use little seafood - mostly food allergy, including young children and pregnant women.