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Talisman Feng Shui - Turtle: The value of the material and the amulet.

myth of the turtle feng shui

In many Chinese stories, and not only the turtle is highlighted when talking about the universe.People used to believe that our earth is flat, and it is a huge backwater turtle that lives in the oceans.

another legend the Chinese learned from the Indians.She says that once upon a time, huge giants, who considered himself omnipotent, engaged in battle with the Gods, and of course, failed.Those shields that they have cast on the ground, to grow tails, paws and head shields turned into turtles, and has spread around the world.

In China, there was another belief.They believed that the Chinese Temple of Heaven, which is located in Beijing, namely, those wooden pillars on which it stands from the time it was built, standing on the backs of big live turtles.The Chinese believed that turtles have magical powers - to protect the wood from rot and mold.So, the Chinese believe that the animal can live more than 3000 thousand years without food and water.

story of the turtle feng

In Chinese culture from ancient times to the turtle has been a lot of attention.The Chinese have speculated on tortoise shells were manufactured medicinal tincture made paintings.From ancient times to the present day, the tortoise in China is considered a symbol of the universe.

turtle shell means the sky, the turtle's belly - land.The longevity of this animal means an eternity for the Chinese.

Taoism turtle as a symbol of the Great Triad: sky, water and earth.Upper tortoise shell - is a set of sky, her body - the man and the earth, and the bottom shell - symbolizing water.

top tortoise shell signified favorable yang energy and the lower shell symbolizes the negative yin energy.Therefore it is possible to judge that the tortoise balance these two energies.

human knowledge about the science of Feng Shui has brought into this world is a turtle, so Feng Shui is an animal revered more than the other animals.

tortoise popularly nicknamed "Black War", it means that this animal - the personification of life on earth.It is slow, consistent and slowly moves through life.These properties will be also a person who will become the mascot of feng shui - a turtle.

Talisman Feng Shui - Turtle

dragon turtle

And finally I would like to say a few words about another talisman of feng shui - the dragon-turtle.Dragon turtle - a magical beast with the body of the turtle and the head of the dragon.It is believed that it is a magical animal protects people from the wrath of the Chinese prince Tai Sui.If you purchased the Dragon mascot turtle, then it should be placed so that the animal looked to the West, that the West is the Grand Duke Tai Sui.If the dragon turtle will look in his direction, then your life will be a lot less trouble.

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