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Other attractions more "serious": Grand Place with strict Gothic architectural ensemble;Royal Museum, which is constantly updated - exhibits either buy or they give the museum Belgian citizens;Museum of Natural Sciences, which includes the largest collection of dinosaurs in Europe.At the Atomium monument is Park Mini-Europe: it recreated 350 most famous sites and several historical events - up to 25 times reduced.There may be a couple of hours to see the Eiffel and the Leaning Tower, Big Ben, the Acropolis in Athens, the Berlin Wall, as well as staging, like a Spanish bullfight, or the eruption of Vesuvius.

Antwerp Antwerp - industrial city, but it is rich in ancient buildings and museums.This Town Hall, built in the XVI century and restored in the XIX;Big Market Square with many historic buildings and monuments;Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady of the XIV-XVI centuries - the most beautiful buildings of the city;house-museum of Rubens;First built in Europe skyscraper on th

e main shopping street.

Antwerp Zoo is not the biggest in Europe, but one of the largest and oldest: it is about 5,000 animals, and opened it in 1843.A zoo is located near the Diamond Museum, the largest in the world, the Antwerp main source of income is the work of the set of jewelers and diamond "fishing" has been here for over 500 years - the city is often called the "diamond capital".

Bruges In Bruges many channels, so it is sometimes called the Venice of the North;yet there is a delicious chocolate: chocolate factories a little, but a lot of small industries and shops - types of chocolates and chocolate huge amount, but it's all bought up by both tourists and locals.It was here that came up with pralines - a tasty stuffing from sweet almonds;the city has a museum of chocolate and chocolate festival is held every year - it attracts many tourists.

architectural and cultural wonders in Bruges too much - about 2000. The most famous are trading area (they exist in all the Flemish cities) high tower Belford and its ancient bell tower, listed by UNESCO;Cloth Hall, created in the Middle Ages;Burg Square with its castle of X century;Gothic Town Hall - the most beautiful in Belgium.Very popular with the citizens of the XII century Church of Our Lady, also built in the Gothic style - it has a sculpture of Michelangelo's "The Virgin Mary with Christ," but the basic is the temple of Christ the Savior, who in the late XVIII century cathedral.

Gent in Ghent many buildings in the style of the Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic - the number of attractions it outperforms many Belgian cities of Brussels and including - museums alone there are over 20. The Town Hall, built in the early Renaissance, takesa central place, like in any town in Western Europe, but is better known medieval castle Gravensteen, about 200 years was the center of all life in Ghent.Today, he carefully restored and it opened Historical Museum.


very popular St. Bavo Cathedral of X century, "grown" from a small chapel - it is the altar of great beauty;but a symbol of the city is the bridge of St. Michael - from it can be great to see the entire Old City.

In any Belgian city you can find many unique historic sites, so that the time for a simple examination of this small country, even with all the modern may need a lot.

Nature & Resorts Belgium

nature of Belgium can not be called pristine - circle stretched towns and villages, but comfortable natural "islands" in the country a lot, and a lot of wild animals.However, they are ordinary - a deer, hares and pheasants, but may live in peace even in city parks, where they feel fine.And in the parks, and preserved forests grow so many rare plants and home to many species of birds, and all the local fauna is represented mainly familiar to our species: wild boar, roe deer, squirrels, badgers, foxes, partridges, owls and others.

Country resorts in Belgium can not be named, but one famous resort there.This place is Spa, which began the development of the entire resort of Europe - people were treated some local thermal waters in the XIV century.On the coast there are also several luxury resorts, including the most famous - Ostend, but swimming in the North Sea are unlikely to succeed - even in summer.

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