Conditions of the plant veltgeymiya

  • Lighting.
    As mentioned above, veltgeymiya is South African origin, and thus adapted to the sunlight.The indoor version of Exotic really suited to its content in soveschennyh rooms, but still needs some pritenenii.Once the culture is deprived of color, and it does require partial shade.Since September veltgeymiyu can be returned to a place illuminated by the bright sun.
  • Heat mode.
    You already know that exotics being needed for a comfortable coolness.The period of appearance of the leaves should be held at 20 + 22º.In late October - early November, the temperature is reduced to + 12 + 14º in order to achieve flowering - timely and abundant.+10 + 12º - perfect temperature control in the event of stems.Drafts are excluded.
  • Humidity.
    It should be moderate, so spraying can be done, but not to indulge bigotry.
  • capacity and quality of the substrate.
    For planting choose large pots.This is because the owner of the plant is voluminous and thick itself overall foli
    age.The substrate is composed of the following components: turf, leaf soil, sand.The ingredients are taken in the ratio 1: 1: 1.

Features Plant Care veltgeymiya

When growing room veltgeymii is very important to comply with certain approved by the experts recommendations.First they relate to watering plants.He should be moderate during the growing season, that is from mid-September to the end of winter and at the same time regular.Avoid getting moisture on the surface of the bulb.After flowering, nothing has changed: irrigation continue to exercise at a moderate regime.Once the leaves are dry veltgeymii pot with the bulb placed in a partial shade, trying to keep the soil in the container vlazhnovatoy.

Feed the "winter missile" is recommended once every month for spring.In the summer the plant needs no introduction for his fertilizer.Incidentally, in the recent use only half the concentration and without nitrogen.

Transplant veltgeymiyu necessary every two years.Carry out the procedure for changing the pot and the substrate in the early fall.Be sure to monitor the condition of the root system of "winter missiles": dried, rotten, weak roots removed.Bulb needs to drop so that it was located in the soil at least 2/3.The substrate is suitable as follows: 2 hours. The turf, 1 hr. Of leaf, 1 hr., And the same sand peat.At the bottom of the pot a wide arrange good drainage.

Photo: veltgeymiya

culture propagated by seeds or "baby".If you select the first method, you must check that the seeds are fully ripe, it is absolutely dry.They are plated in the ground, consisting of peat and sand.The substrate should be slightly moist.Seeding depth - not more than 2-3 mm.Bowl with seedlings, ventilate, maintain the soil moist.

Approximately 3 weeks later, and even before the first shoots appear - as a reward for their efforts.Sowing the seeds produced in autumn, somewhere in September.But it is allowed to carry out this event, and in late summer in August.

How to get new plants veltgeymii means "children"?This procedure is done during the transplant.Formed bulbs, kids neatly separated from the parent bulb by cutting.Sections were powdered with powdered charcoal.The landing is made so that the upper part of the "kids" towered above the ground.The primer is composed of two hours. The sheet 1 h. Turf land, 1 hr., 1 hr sand. Peat.

a result of improper care veltgeymii owners are often faced with this kind of difficulty as the lack of flowering.The reason is too intense heat mode.

often veltgeymiyu attacking insects.This is mainly aphids.And she, in turn, provoke the appearance of sooty fungus arising from secretions of aphids - honeydew.But do not panic, because he is well washed off with water.Patience you in cultivation "winter missiles"!

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