Egg white.

contained in egg white protein in the body increases the level of "good" cholesterol, strengthens the cardiovascular system and has bacterial activity.

course, such properties of the protein of eggs has long been seen by medicine, folk and official.The official medicine egg whites used in the preparation of drugs in laboratory studies, in the treatment of poisoning by alkalis, acids and heavy metal salts.

Egg white

Treatment egg white

We present here a few popular recipes.

When angina and heartburn several times a day, drink fresh crude protein.

uterine bleeding proteins 6 fresh eggs whipped 1 tbspfresh lemon juice, and drink on an empty stomach in the morning.

Burn larynx will be faster if a drink small sips of crude protein, mixed 1: 1 with water or vegetable oil.

In disorders of the stomach and intestines, caused by poisoning, egg whipped with cooled boiled water (1 cup) and a small amount of sugar, and drink small sips - such a mixture has a soothing and enveloping properties.

When diarrhea to 1 crude protein is added iodine (4 drops), stirred (not beating), and also drink in small sips.

egg white and applied topically , skin problems and joint damage.

erysipelas on the sore spot bandage with egg white overnight.The skin smeared whipped protein is applied on top of a clean cloth (cloth is recommended to take red) and pribintovyvayut.Decubitus

3 times a day lubricate the following composition in a beaker and boiled oil added to the cooled crude protein and carefully whisk.

When dislocations in the damaged joints cause a mixture of 1 crude protein flour (1 tablespoon) and alcohol (1 des.l.) pribintovyvayut tightly and leave for the night.

to treat burns can cook the ointment of the following components: Mix equal parts of fresh protein and sea buckthorn oil sealer.Burned place smeared with this mixture, cover with a cloth and bandage - bandage changed daily.In applying this ointment healing occurs quickly - within 3-4 days.Butter can be prepared at home.Fresh flowers St. John's wort (1 tbsp) olive oil is poured hot (100 ml), and 3 days insist in a dark place, shaking occasionally, then strain.Sea buckthorn oil is made from the juice (1 tablespoon) and olive oil (100 ml).Hot oil is mixed with the juice and pushing as well as oil sealer.

French scientists have conducted research and found that the raw egg protein actually has a pronounced healing properties.Patients with gastric ulcer, in addition to the basic treatment, given in the morning on an empty stomach fresh egg white , and then they have not eaten yet 1.5-2 hours.As a result, the treatment of patients decreased by almost half.

egg white in cosmetology

very valuable egg white and cosmetically : because it contains a lot of vitamins and other nutrients necessary to our skin, hair and nails.If you regularly eat egg whites, and even make them homemade mask, the skin becomes supple and resilient hair - strong and shiny, and nails - strong and smooth.

masks with egg white is especially useful for oily skin and hair;Albumin contained in the protein, helps to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

In the food consumed not only the eggs but also goose, duck, turkey, quail and even ostrich - omelette from one ostrich egg can feed 10 people.You can only eat raw chicken eggs and quail - the use of other raw eggs threatens poisoning and serious infectious diseases, however, and after cooking in the proteins of these eggs is very much useful and valuable substances.

useful only fresh eggs: in stale destroys all the vitamins and minerals - even if the poisoning and will not, they will not bring benefits.The freshness of eggs can be checked by immersing them in 3% salt solution: fresh egg will sink, and stale will float on the water surface - they should be thrown away without any regret.

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