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Feng Shui door .Accommodation influence stairs, mirrors , corners and windows on the front door of Feng Shui

Influence of angles at the front door

Of course, it is difficult to believe that there are houses where there near the front door corners and ledges, but such houses exist.Sharp corners and projections create a malicious arrows that destroy favorable feng shui front door from the inside.They can cause great harm to the tenants of the house and entail failure.But you can avoid the bad effects of placing at the corners of creeping or bushy plants.This will soften the sharp edges of corners and neutralize them.

impact of other doors at the front door

very bad feng shui, when the three-door are on the same line.But worst of all may be that the front of the door may be the back door.Avoid this arrangement doors in every way.

But if you're unlucky and the location of the doors in your home are located exactly, the master of Feng Shui recommends to put any screen or barrier around the middle door.Thus, the energy of the fast moving slow its course, and will be less harmful.

Just help you stop fast movi

ng energy can hung a bell or flute.But this method is not as effective as the installation of the barrier.

But whatever way you choose, you need to act very quickly, because such an arrangement is very dangerous door.

Never make the bedroom opposite the entrance.Otherwise, your bedroom will include unfavorable energy worst way affecting your life.If possible, make the bedroom in the farthest room.If this is not possible, we recommend that you put a screen to separate the front door and the door to the bedroom.But if enough space in the lobby, at the door of the bedroom can hang curtains or blinds.

When multiple windows are facing each other, the residents of an apartment or house will be in constant confrontation.If three doors arranged so that they form a triangle, which means that in this apartment are constant scandals and quarrels.But in this situation can help the air bell to be hanged in the center of the triangle.It will dispel negative energy and improve atmosphere in the house.It can also help a bright light in this space.

windows and the front door of feng shui

If the front door and the window are on opposite walls, it is very bad.In your home will not linger favorable energy.This arrangement will lead to that success will not stay in your home.A good option is when the windows are on the wall perpendicular to the door.Then the positive energy of qi can subside and accumulate in your home.This arrangement of the windows and the front door is very important when in the house windows from floor to ceiling.

Dear visitors of our site, we understand that it is impossible to make everything as advised by experts of feng shui.But this, at least, should be pursued.

Good luck to you and let luck will always be with you!