The failures in life.

important point: most life situations always cause us the same reaction, throwing us back, and destroying all that we achieve with such difficulty.For example, we have agreed on an important meeting, from which (we think), depends on the success in any case, but the man did not come to it, and then generally refused to communicate with us on this subject.The reaction is usually the standard: we begin to accuse a man, and along with myself - for being "too trusting."Stop completely shift to others the responsibility for their failures, and do not respond to events, like Pavlov's dog - a very prevents to live.Unlike animals, we possess not only conditioned reflexes, but also consciousness, and we can decide how we react to a particular situation - our success depends not on the actions of other people, and by our response to them.

Another reason for frequent failures - a tendency to attach great importance to the possession of information and knowledge.There are many people who have a wealth of knowledg

e, but they do not succeed in any sphere of life: not in the personal sphere or in the sphere of health or career - possession of information without concrete actions often leads to depression.Acquires knowledge gradually, and immediately use them, performing the simplest actions - so you start to get an experience that can be invaluable.

fuzzy and vague goal setting - another cause of failure , and this error also makes the vast majority of people.This is the same area as the wrong motivation, and probably all heard such statements: "I want a lot of money", "I want to be healthy", "I want to go somewhere," or - (a classic example of "fuzziness"!) "I want tonormal life. "Normal - is what?Therefore, the results are more than blurred - or rather, no, the man decides that his goals are unattainable and unrealistic.Put a small but clear objective: for example, every morning to drink a glass of fresh juice every day for a walk at least an hour, and do it - because you will realize that concrete is an important condition for success.

How to get rid of failures in life

can still long to enumerate the causes of failures haunt us, but most experts until allocate these, but we ourselves can learn to see what prevents us to live and be successful.

Learn to analyze events not in terms of their reflexes and habits, and from the perspective of an outside observer - it is not as difficult as it seems.Subjective opinion - this is a real brake, when it derives from a negative perception of the situation: 99% of people will feel unhappy if they do not take on some work or get fired, and only 1% will see in this new and profitable opportunities - that this same percentage andachieve success in life, no matter what.

See the world as widely as possible.If you get into trouble, small or larger, try to imagine what it could be worse, and do not consider themselves deeply hurt and unhappy.Of course, most people are, again, believes that there's nowhere worse, however, if we look at the situation a little wider, the pros can always be found.Think about it: Even if a person will burn the house and all the property - the situation is more than annoying - it will not be a disaster if he and his family will remain alive and healthy - this is the real luck.But it could happen in a different way ...

Treat troubles and failures as learning: life (destiny, reality, etc.) teaches us all the time, and we do not want to learn the lessons - choose the wrong profession, trying tonot build those relationships, is engaged in a wrong position, and then get offended, that everything is going from bad to worse.Lessons need to absorb, and from failure to extract valuable experience - of course, this is easier said than done, but try to still have, if we do not want to "go to the losers' life.

lessons learned, however, does not mean that we should be afraid, and fear the new and unknown, fear of failure is able to attract a failure even when all the parameters you must wait for success, so afraid of - literally - very profitable.Today it is all beginning to understand that thoughts are material, and the worst fears come true more often than optimistic - the fact that we just got used to wait on the fate of dirty tricks.

Get a useful habit: at the end of each day, you think it a good or not, remember what happened good.No need to think in global categories even if you just gave way to the bus, or treated to candy at work - think about it and thanked his guardian angel (or, in the shelter who you believe).

back to this habit again and again, and you will soon learn to see the good in what had seemed troubles - and then all troubles will turn around for you a windfall.