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in the Bavarian capital, Munich, it is necessary to visit;However, there and so desired by all: it is necessary to visit the Old and New Pinakothek;the famous Hofbräuhaus beer garden is open in the early XVII century - it has been Mozart;Royal Garden Hofgarten based around the same time;English garden with shady trees and clean water bodies, and many other interesting places.

But there is one place where you do not want to leave either adults or children - Munich Zoo.It opened in 1911 and is now considered the largest in Europe;animal here for the first time in the world have tried to create the most natural habitat.Zoo is divided into zones corresponding to portions of light and animals in it about 14 500, and species - 650;every year there are about 1.5 million. visitors.Animals feel fine, and they often appear young - this is the best measure of comfort.Visit

is many cities in Bavaria Nuremberg, where the attractions are not less than in the capital;Wurzburg, renowned

wines and unique architecture;Augcburg, founded by the Romans before AD .;Regensburg, the old center is listed by Unesco as a World Heritage Site, and others.

Nature Bavaria

However, it is to find time to enjoy the natural beauty of this land.In the Bavarian Alps is a mountain, on top of which forms the border with Austria: it is called the Zugspitze, and is the highest point in Germany - 2962 m. In the south of the Zugspitze stretches karst plateau with the most mysterious caves and hills it covered with glaciers, of which twoconsidered the largest in the country.Snowboarding and downhill skiing like best that the mountain most of the year covered with snow - he goes less than 2 months, and then falls again, and can be as much as necessary to ride for fun.Nearby is a large resort and facilities to be visited peaks excellent: there are good routes, but the walk is not always possible - there are frequent landslides, but you can use the funicular or cable car.After rising to the top of the Zugspitze, you can see at a glance 4 countries: in addition to Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

Of all the beautiful Bavarian lake Chiemsee considered: it is the same and the largest - the second largest in Europe;locals call it sea.There are wonderful therapeutic spas and equipped beaches: Chiemsee swim in the nice and safe, even with young children, and in the summer the water warms up to 25 ° C.In the largest of the islands is Herrenchiemsee - another beautiful palace, built by the same Ludwig of Bavaria, King-romantic.


resort in Bavaria over 60 , and improving rest here are the best possible: it's thermal baths, salt and mineral springs, mud and many other health programs - we can say that all the land is a great oneresort.

Of the many beautiful ski resorts can be mentioned in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany is considered the center of winter sports.International competitions are held here often, and at the disposal of enthusiasts of winter rest 40 km flat and 120 kilometers of slopes.


And once again about the famous Bavarian beer: you should definitely visit the monastery of Weltenburg, on the banks of the Danube.It has been working from 1050 is the oldest brewery in the world, and the monastery was founded in the beginning of VII century ADcome from Ireland or Scotland - Today difficult to say exactly.

Those who once visited in Bavaria, called it an unforgettable country and believe that it is not necessary to look for a special occasion to go back - it's a fabulous place, which combines a perfect harmony and fantastic beauty.

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