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Feng Shui of a vehicle: color, talismans for cars.The purchase of a car is dangerous city and how to avoid trouble

mascots for cars: how to save on car accidents and breakdowns

If the car to hang the "wrong" amulets and symbols, even a new car can bring you bad luck.To avoid this, do not decorate the car and its interior skeletons and skulls, do not hang on the glass of exotic toys, dolls.

If the vehicle glass is broken or cracked, do not continue to drive until you replace the bursting glass.

But quartz crystal will protect your car against theft and accidents, but this charm is best to keep in the glove compartment, or in a place where it will not see other people.

Just from all sorts of trouble helps garlic or any article having a red color.

not transport his car dead animals.Just avoid driving a car in a hurricane or storm.This not only cause damage to the car, but also in your life will bring chaos.

addition to our folk amulets, talismans car can be decorated with Feng Shui.Most good mascot for the car - a turtle.Turtle symbolizes albeit slowly, but moving forward.In Feng Shui and Chinese culture throug

hout many different symbols, but we confine ourselves to a bug.

date of purchase and the date of release of the car

addition to selecting colors and mascot for the car, we still have to choose the date when you can buy a car and the date of its release.Machines that are produced in unfavorable days, very often get into accidents and attract employees of GAI.

To prevent this from happening to your "iron friend", you need to choose a favorable date for the purchase of cars and favorable first direction.The car purchased on an auspicious day, power is slightly different, it is well connected to the energy of the owner of the machine.And because of this, the owner and the car will be well in harmony with each other.

favorable first direction is also very important aspect of buying a car.If the first trip by car, you will go in a positive direction, your trip, the mood and well-being will also be at the highest level.

If you're going on a long journey, it is advisable to choose an auspicious day for its commencement.Then your journey will bring you much more good impressions, the car on the road will not break, and meetings with the traffic police will be less.

And finally, I want to give one piece of advice: if you own your home, Entering the yard, do not put the car headlights to home.Doing this is strictly prohibited, asin this case the machine represents danger and adversely affecting the energy of your home.But among other things, a favorable feng shui car to start with a good relationship with his "iron friend", as it is silly and funny sounds.

Masters of Feng Shui say that the car is a "living" entity and need to communicate with her respectively.Speak your car compliments, caress her hood and a torpedo, and she will answer you with gratitude and affection.