Oak bark.

Currently, in order to get the oak bark for medical purposes, specially cultivated oak: oak grown shrub form, and after 10 years of being cut down, and removed all the young trees bark.In felled areas, young oaks grow back.

Cut off the bark from oak trees in early spring, when it can be easily separated from the trunk, and quickly dried to preserve all useful and active agents.

Oak bark

Composition oak

The composition of oak bark contains many substances with therapeutic action : for example, organic acids and flavonoids, but the main ingredient is the tannin - tannins.It tannins relieve pain and reduce inflammation, kill pathogens and proteins that cause their death, creating a protective layer and protects the tissue from irritation.Besides, oak bark contains carotene, pectin, flavonoids and natural sugars, as well as a high content of antibacterial substances - so its products have a pronounced astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, and so effective in poisoning, diarrhea, intestinal

infections, and so on.d.

Properties and application of oak bark

decoctions of oak bark can treat severe poisoning: we know that this refers to mushroom poisoning and heavy metal salts;help in diseases of the liver and spleen, inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, heavy menstruation, stomach and intestinal bleeding.

Strong anchoring effect differs very fresh bark of young trees, well-dried, brewed with boiling water - insist it must be not less than half an hour.The same infusion has a strengthening effect on the vessels, heal their damaged walls;inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestines, diarrhea and dysentery, he was appointed inside in large quantities.

Other applications: douching with inflammation of the vagina, baths for hemorrhoids, weeping eczema and increased sweating of the feet;washing and poorly healing wounds festering;lotions for burns, frostbite and sore eyes.Frostbite and burns well treated with ointment based on an oak bark powder of mixed therefrom black poplar buds with 2: 1 was added butter (7 parts), and 12 hours to give a warm oven.The mixture is boiled for half an hour in a water bath or on a low heat and strain through cheesecloth.Store in the refrigerator, and several times a day smeared frostbitten and burned skin.The same ointment treat bed sores in bedridden patients.

If non-healing varicose veins infusion of oak bark to make poultices, without using polyethylene - through the bandage should pass air.

in exudative diathesis and rickets children bathe in the bath with the infusion of oak bark.

The same infusion, applied topically, can inhibit the development of goiter and other diseases of the endocrine glands, if it wet gauze and fasten the throat - the procedure repeated daily.

for the treatment of glaucoma are not used infusion or decoction of oak bark, and the ashes from it.It is not known how effective this tool, but there is a folk recipe.The bark should be burned (it is possible, together with branches), sift the ashes, brew liter of boiling water 4 tablespoonsThis ash and left for a day.Then strain the infusion and take 3 times a day, 3 tablespoonsfor 30 minutes before a meal, for 2 weeks.Then do a five-day break and repeat the course.It is believed that such an infusion normalize intraocular pressure.

in veterinary powder used oak bark: they wound sprinkled animals, burns and frostbite;prepare for them and give them concoctions in diseases of the digestive tract;in cases of poisoning caused by eating poisonous herbs;inflammations.

From Waste oak bark make tanning extracts used in various industries.

for constipation and hemorrhoids can not ingest drugs oak , and generally can not use them for a long time, even if there are indications.

serious contraindications to its use, however, there is, except for the individual reactions of the body - this is rare.In case of overdose may start vomiting, so that taking infusions and decoctions of oak bark should be strictly according to the scheme, and before that consult with your doctor.

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