Exciting products.

Snails and truffles are known in this respect at least of oysters, but if the former are relatively inexpensive, it is about the second most people only heard or read, and even saw the pictures and film.Snails can use any: marine, freshwater, and even the "land" - well prepare them with mushrooms and coriander sauce - even the most weary man turn into a sexual giant.I was attracted to the cochlea Julius Caesar - so legend says - the ancient Romans also knew a lot about the pleasures of love, though, and sent Ovid into exile for his gentle and passionate poetry.

truffle much more complicated: they are the best food to excite the passions, but to find and buy them almost impossible.They grow where we do not have - in the north-west coast of the Pacific Ocean and in Western Europe, and are mad expensive: white truffles - up to 2,000 euros per 1 kg, and black is significantly cheaper - only 400 euros.Grow these fungi under the ground, and look for their pigs and special dog - animals themselves facing not

cheaper truffles.

Products for sex and passion

Virtually all of the above products for us, to put it mildly, exotic even if something and you can buy it is not fresh - they are delivered from afar, and the prices are such that it is necessaryeat some aphrodisiacs - in small amounts, and forget about the other food - at her money is not enough.So what do we do?

Fortunately, except glorified and celebrated "product of passion", there are the usual products will not worse - just cook and eat they must be right.They are inexpensive, and no touts - who cares?- And you can buy them at any store, for example, conventional eggs.It is written about them, even in Ayurveda, and Eastern sultans and sheiks considered excellent fresh eggs "sexual fuel": they need to cook with cream, nutmeg, honey and melted butter - the last option worth considering.

ghee itself improves sexual activity, increases the amount of semen and sperm - is not the same thing!- And when combined with the effect of doubling eggs - scrambled eggs so called "sexy," but added it still germinated wheat grains - is also a powerful aphrodisiac.Grain volume taking as much use of eggs, grind them, mix with the eggs, add a little salt and herbs to taste, and fry for 5-6 minutes everything in melted butter - the result is stunning.

About sprouted wheat, most people do not even want to hear - because we want to erotic dishes were also a surprisingly tasty - for less, we do not agree - but it is in the sprouted grains dormant powerful force of nature that can arouse any energy, and sexualityincluding.However, the burgers from germinated milled wheat grains some people seem almost indistinguishable from the meat, and all-and to add to them fresh garlic and onions, but spices to taste, and soon this dish would be the favorite, and the results will beinspiring.

Some meats also increase sexual activity: in addition to those already mentioned testicles of calves, well any young meat, preferably with blood - pork blood cook can not - and game - quail, grouse, grouse and others. - Of course, the meat must beabsolutely fresh.

As for other types of meat, it is hardly necessary to consider them useful for sexual activity.If you love the night before, and even together with a partner, to eat delicious and nutritious meat dish, both of you will want to sleep peacefully, and all the erotic fantasies fade away like smoke, and this is a normal reaction of the body: the meat - the food is very heavy.

Dishes Light young meat is better to eat during the day, and small amounts of meat bake or fry in olive oil - from all oils, other than melted, it is suitable for frying the best.

high-quality extra virgin olive oil is best consumed raw: they say that the Greeks used it to stimulate sexual activity in ancient times, and today, waking up in the morning, first, eat a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil, and then - a spoonful of good honey to the reproductive systemfilled with power and energy.

simple and inexpensive products, improve sexual in nature a lot: it's all fresh (not salted!) Seafood, liver, fish and livestock, cereals, legumes, nuts, roots, mushrooms, onions and garlic.The usual sauerkraut, if you eat it 2-3 times a day, well influences sexual desire, and only in the sauerkraut in Russia there is no shortage, so that it can be dispensed with truffles and oysters, although they, too, should try as soon as possible.

Do not forget about fresh fruits and berries: the eastern harems beauties not do without them, and also the skin of their use becomes a thrilling, captivating fragrance without leaving anyone indifferent man.

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