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Another largest museum - the Rockefeller , includes a number of artifacts found in the Asian part of the Eurasian continent, and it is based Americans - hence the name.In 1925, the famous American scientist-orientalist decided to found a museum in Jerusalem for rare archaeological artifacts and seek sponsorship to help George. Rockefeller, who in those days was known for his charity work.Millionaire allocated for the establishment of the museum a large sum, and in 1938 the museum was able to open: it was called Palestine, but the name did not stick, and the world knows him as the Rockefeller Museum.It also kept the Biblical relics, rare jewelry, fragments of architectural decoration of the early Middle Ages, and many other values.


Talking about Jerusalem, can not say about the greatest relic of Christianity - Holy Sepulcher , standing on the site of the crucifixion of Christ.Here is the famous stone of anointing and burial box of Jesus stone;the second part of the chu

rch - Calvary, and there it is possible to climb the marble staircase - there are marked places where there were crosses the Savior and two criminals crucified next to him.


to the temples and monasteries belong to various Christian denominations - a total of 6, and this is connected with a very interesting historical fact.Representatives visit them separately Temple: Watch for prayer in all their own, and no one has the right to violate the treaty passed in the middle of the XIX century.However, the conflict did take place, and why - for nearly 800 years!- The keys to the most famous Christian church kept the Muslims in one of the most respected families, and inherited.So a Muslim opens every day for Christians temple gates and close them - this example clearly shows that the best choice for human society is the peaceful co-existence, and there is no issue on which it would be impossible to negotiate.It was at this temple every year comes to the faithful Holy Fire - the night before a happy Easter.

Even a simple listing of Jerusalem's holy places would take a lot of space - at least some mention.

This is the Garden of Gethsemane and the Tomb of the Virgin Mary, the place of the resurrection of Lazarus, chapel Adam Umar Mosque - it was built in the Christian Quarter, the site of the prayer of the righteous caliph, who took Jerusalem in the middle of VII century, and with respect to the shrines otnesshiysya Christians.

Interestingly, the Christian and the Muslim shrines rich quarter: it is a street on which Jesus carried his cross on Gologofu - Via Dolorosa;Church of St. Anne - the mother of the Virgin;Golden Gate - through them, Jesus entered the city, etc.Here is the famous Temple Mount, where the story begins from the time of King David.

In the Jewish quarter known Wailing Wall - the most sacred place for all Jews, and next to it the Western Wall tunnel, excavated by archaeologists in the XIX century - in comparison with the wall it is huge.

many famous and beautiful buildings in the Armenian quarter: it is churches, the citadel, towers, museums and others.

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As for the resorts, they are in the city or in the immediate vicinityNo, but an hour's drive from Netanya - one of the best seaside resorts in Israel, and in the 70 km - Ashkelon, a small but comfortable resort with a warm and clear sea, rich underwater world and inviting sandy beaches.

In Jerusalem there is a wonderful wellness center, where people come from around the world - Jerusalem International YMCA.In it, besides a great many wellness programs and beauty treatments, there is a great swimming pool and restaurant a healthy diet, and a separate, large Spa-Salon - Akasha Wellbeing Retreat.

in Jerusalem, and many opportunities for families with children : there are a lot of beautiful gardens, parks and nature reserves where you can be happy for a walk, enjoy the plants and animals, play and engage in sports.

adults and children interested in the Jerusalem zoo: it was conceived as a theme - it had to live animals from the Old Testament, and it is called - the Bible.However, today there are a lot of animals from around the world, not only Israel, but also the African, South American and even Australian.

Jerusalem, like the rest of Israel, called the world "heart of the world» , and legends about it, you can talk for hours.To come to this city is, even once in your life: it is truly the Holy Land, which is associated with so many hopes of all mankind, and to see it firsthand is to everyone - at least once.