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Feng Shui purse.

mascots for the purse

Most people love in their wallets carry photos and favorite relatives.But this can not be done.Firstly, the monetary energy passing through the photograph of a loved one, can greatly harm its energy, and secondly, the photos are not the best way affect the power of money.

The purse is better to wear one of several mascots Feng Shui: it may be three Chinese coins, hanging on a red ribbon or a mirror feng shui imperial size.This mirror can be purchased at specialty stores.It will help increase your cash flow.

cash aroma in Feng Shui is considered to be the smell of mint, so if you want your purse was never empty drip into it a drop of essential oil of peppermint.If for some reason, peppermint oil does not suit you, you can just put in a purse wrapper from mint gum or candy.Mint leaves have the same place.

Just to attract money can be put into the purse first you earn a coin or a bill of $ 100.It also increase your cash flow.

bean pod will protect you from theft and wasting mon

ey, and a piece of horseradish, lying in a purse, will attract you even more cash flow and financial success.

Perhaps at first glance it may seem strange, but to strengthen and stabilize their cash flow, to lubricate a bill honey.And then you will have a steady income.

And if you want to save money on any purchase or pleasure, the Feng Shui experts recommend finding a picture of the things you want to buy and put it in the purse.And every time you open the wallet, you will see this picture, thereby creating positive vibrations, which will bring you to the missing amount.

How could you replace Feng Shui wallet does not require a lot of money and effort.But if you have recently bought the wrong purse in terms of Feng Shui, and you do not want to throw it in the trash, then we will reveal to you a little secret that was used by the ancient masters of Feng Shui.All the money they are stored in boxes, which they could do with their hands according to the rules of feng shui.

Also, you can make your magic casket.It can be made of cardboard or wood, and should be carefully imperial dimensions.Obtyanite this beautiful box of your color cloth and put it in her small cash amulets.The only thing that is not very convenient, is that in this box you have to keep most of the money.

prosperity and money luck to you!

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